Howard Rheingold: Futurism With A Human Touch

Howard Rheingold, internationally syndicated author of the weekly Tomorrow column, author of best-sellers Virtual Reality and The Virtual Community, editor of best-seller The Millennium Whole Earth Catalog, takes audiences on a journey through the human side of the technology-shaped future. Rheingold is on the Board of Directors of a well-regarded online community, the WELL, and he was the founding Executive Editor of HotWired, the pioneering online publication launched on the World Wide Web by Wired magazine. He's a participant-observer in the design of new technologies, a pioneer, critic and forecaster of technology's impacts, and a speaker who involves his audience in an interactive adventure in group futurism.

Virtual Reality and The Virtual Community are published in French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese language editions, in addition to distribution in the United Kingdom, and the United States. Tomorrow is published in major daily newspapers in Albuquerque, Denver, Detroit, Kearney, Kenosha, Madison, Minneapolis, Ontario, Portland, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Santa Fe, and Seattle. His weekly readership numbers in the tens of millions.

Rheingold has spoken about the social and economic impacts of new technologies to:

* The American Library Association (keynote), San Francisco.

* Sprint Telecommunications (keynote), Atlanta

* Nynex FLAG Project (keynote), Bangkok

* Pacific Bell Texpo (keynote), San Francisco

* Canadian Telecommunication Alliance (keynote), Toronto

* Harvard Graduate School of Design (keynote), Cambridge

* Ford Motor Company (keynote), Dearborn

* Dentsu (largest advertising agency in the world), Tokyo

* Hakuhodo (Japan's 2nd largest advertising agency), Tokyo

* Researchers at Apple, Fujitsu, IBM, Intel, Paramount, Philips,LucasFilms and IBM

* Computer marketing managers in Lisbon, Copenhagen and Augsberg

* Communication researchers in Tokyo, Kyoto, Amsterdam, Montpellier, and Paris

* The Science Museum of London (featured speaker), London

* The Smithsonian Institute (featured speaker), Washington, DC

* Appearances on CBS News, NBC Today, ABC Primetime Live and Good Morning America, Macneil-Lehrer Report, NPR Fresh Air, Marketplace, and Talk of the Nation, BBC Horizon, Canal+ in Paris.

Rheingold shows his audiences a real-time, real-life, uncensored glimpse of the new cultures and societies emerging on the nets. Then he helps them understand the questions about their businesses, personal lives, political freedoms and social values they need to be asking themselves.

For more than ten years, Rheingold has been a commuter to the future, where he has lived for hours a day, every day, helping build as well as observe the new forms of social structure he helps audiences understand.

Howard Rheingold is represented by Keynote Speakers:

(415) 325 8711 voice; (415) 325 8737 fax.
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