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Brainstorms is an experiment in community futurism.

Can many-to-many media help us think together about the future?

Can we create something more like a jam session than a magazine?

Can we make sense of what's happening and still have fun?

Brainstorms provides intelligent opinions and observations about technology-related prospects for the future, in an online forum where both audience and authors can talk together about what it means. [Web conferencing to be installed in early 1996]

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At the core is a troupe of futurists from all parts of the world.

Perspectives and opinions from Brainstorms contributors inform and set the stage for conversations among the subscribers. I promise you fresh, tasty, brain food, and soon I will ask you to add value to it by helping me grow intelligent conversations.

Can we make something more like a jam session than a magazine? Can we evolve an enterprise where the people who contribute to the cooperative venture share in the profits? Where we can think together about where technology might be leading us? Where we can dream that the future is in some way up to us?

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