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Here is a 2x2 matrix of the common fingerboard string instruments:

Fretted No frets
1. viola da gamba, esraj, dilruba, etc. 3. violin, viol, sarangi, etc.
2. guitar, mandolin, ukelele, banjo, bouzouki, etc. 4. oud, sarod, fretless bass guitar, fretless guitar, etc.

This page contains links to online information and resources regarding the instruments in boxes 1,3 and 4: i.e. violins, viols and fretless lutes. The scope is broad with a certain emphasis being placed on information useful to those of us who live in Colorado.

Inclusion of any individual or organization here is not intended to disparage any individual or organization not appearing on this page. The selection is personal and eclectic. Please if you have Web pages of immediate interest to bowed strings players and enthusiasts!

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