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Jax playing Hayden 46

Jax RCFB Free Reed Musical Instruments Page

Here are links to some sites relevant to players of the free reed family of instruments which includes harmonica, concertina and accordion. The primary focus is on the hand-held bellows-driven free reed instruments: accordion and concertina. Special emphasis is given to the Hayden Duet Concertina .

You will also find here a number useful links to a wide variety of music topics.

Inclusion of any individual or organization here is not intended to disparage any individual or organization not appearing on this page. The selection is personal and eclectic. Please if you have Web pages of immediate interest to free reed players and enthusiasts!

Other Disclaimers

Jax with a Hohner Club II B (built ca. 1965)


The Free Music Movement

Individuals and groups working on a Free Music movement akin to the GNU Free Software movement.



Makers, Vendors, and Repair



Other Instruments

Sites about various musical instruments other than free reed, sites that are too good to miss.




See Jax RCFB Music Theory Page



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