U.G. Krishnamurti:  A Life


(Many thanks to Sajid Martin for painstakingly scanning many of these photographs as well as the cover pictures and to Srinivas and Pai for supplying the scans of seven original photos.)


U.G.'s children--Bharati, Vasant and Usha

U.G.Krishnamurti U.G. in 1945, with his wife Kusuma and daughter Bharati
Before the `calamity' Soon after the `calamity'.  Note the change
With the author In Carmel, USA, where the book was written.  On the right is Narayana Moorty
With the author Valentine de Kerven
Valentine as a young woman U.G. with Parveen in Pebble Beach, California
In Pebble Beach, California, with Parveen Babi U.G. and Valentine in 1985, in Amsterdam
U.G. and Valentine in Bangalore In Gstaad
A portrait In California, with Terry Newland, Robert Carr, Douglas Rosenstein and Paul Lynn
In New York, in 1983, with Parveen Babi and Valentine Shopping in New York
Shopping in Hong Kong The author, seated on the bench where U.G. sat just before the `calamity'

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