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Thought is Your Enemy


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Thought is your Enemy

Mind Shattering Conversations with the Man Called U.G.

Edited by

Antony Paul Frank Naronha and J.S.R.L. Narayana Moorty


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31, Ahmed Sait Road
Fraser Town
Bangalore 560 005

First Print: October 1990
Second Print: August 1991

Phototypeset and printed at:
Rekha Printers Pvt. Ltd.
A-102/1, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase II
New Delhi - 110020

Price: Rs. 98.00

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My teaching, if that is the word you want to use, has no copyright. You are free to reproduce, distribute, interpret, misinterpret, distort, garble, do what you like, even claim authorship, without my consent or the permission of anybody.

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Publisher's Note

When I told U.G. that I wanted to publish a book containing his discussions, he said that I could go ahead and do it, but only as a business venture. "Make money if that is what your motive is. But if you think it will help you or anyone else in any way on their spiritual path, you are miserably mistaken. I have no illusions about it at all," said U.G. Apart from my mundane motives, which are the only 'real' motives, according to U.G., I felt that this man should be known widely for whatever he is. In spite of his vehement assertion that he has no message for mankind, I still feel that what he says is like a 'statutory warning' printed on a pack of cigarettes. It 's up to you to heed to it. If you do not like what he says it may be because he does not tell you what you want to hear.


Publisher's Note to the Second Edition

The second reprint of "Thought is your Enemy" has been brought out because of great popular demand. The book has made a deep impression on all those who have been on some kind of so-called spiritual search. It has triggered a profound inquiry into everything that is taken for granted in matters of spirit, mind and body. The publisher is thankful to Mr. J.S.R.L.N. Moorty Professor at Monterey Peninsula College, California, U.S.A., Mr. Hilary Joseph and Mr. A.P. Frank Naronha for all the help rendered in bringing out the second edition. The publisher hopes that the book will gain larger readership both in India and abroad and benefit many.


This book is a compilation of discussions between U.G. Krishnamurti and various inquirers in India, Switzerland, Australia, Netherlands, and U.K., between 1985 and 1990. As far as possible the natural flow of discussions has not been interrupted, and minimal editing has been done to lend coherence to the text. It is hoped that we will be forgiven for not identifying the names of participants in the discussions. It was felt that to identify the questioners would unnecessarily detract from the meaning and flow of the dialogues. The editors also take full responsibility for any inaccuracies in the body of the text. They gratefully acknowledge the helpful part played by everyone involved in the production of the book.

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bulletPublishers Note
bullet"He Became U.G." a poem by K. Chandrasekhar and "A Note at the Beginning" (11K)
  1. No Mind, No Soul, Only the Body (29K)
  2. Throw Away Your Crutches (17K)
  3. The Robot is Dreaming (21K)
  4. A Jolt of Lightning (18K)
  5. Love is Only a Trump Card (21K)
  6. We are Heading towards Disaster (14K)
  7. The End of Illusion is Death (19K)
  8. Lost in the Jungle (23K)
  9. Death is a Reshuffling of Atoms (11K)
  10. Sex is Painful to the Body (8K)
  11. A Freak of Nature (23K)

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    God or enlightenment is the ultimate pleasure, uninterrupted happiness. No such thing exists. Your wanting something that does not exist is the root of your problems. Transformation, moksha, liberation, and all that stuff, are just variations of the same theme: permanent happiness. The body can't take uninterrupted pleasure for long; it would be destroyed. Wanting to impose a fictitious permanent state of happiness on the body is a serious neurological problem.


    I am not out to liberate anybody. You have to liberate yourself, and you are unable to do that. What I have to say will not do it. I am only interested in describing this state, in clearing away the occultation and mystification in which those people in the holy business have shrouded the whole thing. Maybe I can convince you not to waste a lot of time and energy looking for a state which does not exist except in your imagination. --U.G.

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