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In April I took an 18-day rafting trip down the Grand Canyon, from Lee's Ferry to Diamond Creek.

I traveled with a great group of 16 people organized by Joan Hoffman, including several members of the Grand Canyon Private Boaters Association.

On the River
Shots of rafting from inside the boat and out.

Danger, Jim Nelson!
Jim "reads and runs."

Shots from our daily hikes up side canyons, along washes and on other trails.

Camp Life
Painting, drinking, fishing, drinking, face painting etc.

A Day in the Life
A composite river day starring our resident story-teller and mask-maker, Annie Hallat.

Rocks and Mud
Some geologic oddities and other side canyon finds.


There were some downsides to rafting in April, including a week of cold wind, rain and sleet. One of the great pluses: the canyon was alive with flowers.


A week before going I bought an old Stereo Realist camera from the 1950's, and until I lost it in a flip on day 10 had a lot of fun taking stereo pictures. 

Stereo photography unfortunately demonstrates the limitations of computer-monitor-standard 72 dpi. Some images work reasonably well on the Web, and I've made a selection in these pages.

The easiest way to see the 3-D effect is with a little plastic 'lorgnette' that can be ordered from Reel 3-D Enterprises and others.

It is possible to "freeview" this image (see it without any tools). To do you so, put your nose a few inches from the computer screen (like your mother warned you never to do). Let your eyes go out of focus. Slowly move your face away from the screen while letting your eyes relax & come into focus on the two different images. With some practice you will eventually see one image instead of two.

More advice on how to freeview here.