WELL Tim Collins Aug 22 '94

Scibe; would you like to take a walk down Carson st. on the south side?

Let Reiko and I close the windows and put on some shoes we'll be right out. Standing on the sidewalk at 17th and Jane st, we look right...neatly kept turn of the century brick and clapboard row houses, the Lithuanian bingo hall, and a church. We decide to walk left towards 17th. Heading right on 17th, more row houses.....a small neighborhood bar (will we ever dare enter?) One more block past Sarah St. we see a series of what must have been "architectural wonders" in their day. regal versions of the simple row houses. On one the brick front opens to a 1/2 circle porch facade on the second floor and is topped by steep gabled roofs with ornate woodwork delineating the roofs edge. The other simpler more classic, features large windows, with the metal detailing, Corinthian columns painted sky blue framing the door, and a lovely forged steel entry gate, which is intended for it's decorative purposes rather than its security purposes. (On the first day here Reiko remarked to one of the neighbors she thought we needed bars on our windows, Diane laughed and said; "Reiko dear what are you worried about........we all know each other here and take good care of the neighborhood")((I met Diane in the first 10 minutes of parking the moving van, Stan and Dorothy have stopped us on our bikes to say hello and welcome, out our back door Christen (5) and Marybeth (7) have introduced us to Christens grandma Babe and been in to meet Hazel, Tori and Ai chan and the frogs)) .....................

We wind our way down to the next block of Carson which is a functioning neighborhood shopping district. We turn the corner at the Italian Deli and stroll west, wonderful old buildings, shops a mixture of the generation X mentality which is providing a new spirit in this place, and the solid utilitarian backbone which emanated from the steel mills. Glorious hardware stores; the walls lined with tiny drawers blue shirted employees in suspenders knowing more about what you need than you do! The tie died imported natural clothing store. Lunch counters.....with 60 cent burgers and MIA flags on the wall, and clippings from historic conflicts in the window. Coffee shops, one FUNKY AND ARTY the other laid back, roasting coffee beans in the window and dark wood paneling. The second hand, and antique shops.....run by elements of both generations, wonderful collections piled high, everything from a giant, GIANT blue chair stuffed to the hilt to an old grandfather clock......stuffed squirrels, sad deer heads, a treasure trove most San Franciscans would die for. Are you hungry? lets stop at this pizza parlor. For 2.50 we have our choice of slices a gigantic salad and a cold drink! MMMMMmmmm. It's good to sit and relax.

Well, scibe it was nice visiting but Rieko and I need to head back, buying cement blocks for bookcases and odds and ends to finish the studio.....almost done! If you liked exploring Carson St. maybe we'll cross the Monangahela with you in the next coupla days. Rest well!

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