20:46) Judy Malloy 22-OCT-94

On Arts Wire, Tim was standing in "crystal clear water" when he
saw the young boy with downs syndrome standing underwater
with "no.......visible signs of discomfort. "

In Palo Alto (the server is the basement)
Cathy feels like a ghost
and so do I - trailing text on the dim laptop monitor.
I turned white
when the physical therapist brought in the stationary bicycle.
"I guess you're not ready for that," he said.
He took it away.

On LambdaMOO, Pavel, as usual, knows all the answers.
There was only 1 message on Poniecki.
Nobody but Christine knows how to find me there.
I studied the lumps in the Jobst interim stocking on my leg
while I typed a response.

"After the accident she was never the same."

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