Chu'ullas and Toast

The 1996 Rockies Conference Picnic

On the left is our new friend Lucy, in a chu'ulla made just for her by Jude McD.
On the right is an even newer friend, Zoe, with her Mom Carolyn
(her Dad is dpd). As you can see, Zoe now has a chu'ulla all her own. Can a WELL account be far behind?

Toast and Tippy Elvis: Continuing last year's tradition, we "toasted" our absent friends by pinning their names to pieces of toast, and then gossiping about them behind their backs.

No, no, no.. that's not what we did! Actually, we looked at the toast lovingly and drank assorted toasts to our friends (toasts, get it? heh).

No toast was wasted in the making of this picnic. All was left for the birds and squirrels to savor.

Tippy Elvis materials courtesy of nitewalk.

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