Auto-Free D.C.

RIP 1997

Auto-Free D.C. was a grass roots organization working to transform the metropolitan region's transportation system. We advocated elimination of the massive subsidies that encourage automobile use and their redirection to fund sustainable transportation projects: public transit, bicycling and pedestrian facilities. We were engaged in the fight against further development of the automobile infrastructure, especially new roads, highway expansions, and car garages.

Towards these ends, AFDC sought to raise public awareness of the enormous social, economic, and environmental costs of driving. We conducted education campaigns, lobbied local elected officials and policy-makers, and took direct action when necessary.

Auto-Free D.C. believed that we must end our forced dependence on the automobile as a precondition for achieving an environmentally sustainable, equitable, and livable community.

Did you know that Auto-Free D.C. ...

And all on a shoestring budget.

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Auto-Free D.C.
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Washington, DC 20009
(202) 452-5950 (voice)
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Auto-Free News is now published quarterly by Auto-Free D.C.
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