Unexpected Guest

Here's a movie moment for you. However this actually happened to me on October 15, 2001.

I wake up this morning and look over and see someone sleeping on my couch. It looks like Sean only he has buzzed his hair. So, I go about things check my email, etc. I then jump in the shower. When I get out he is on the phone calling in sick in the living room. I sit down at my chair in my room. He comes in with the phone and says, "Who are you?"
I reply, "I'm Eric, this is my apartment"
Him: "How did I get here?"
"I don't know"
"Where's Brian? Do you know Brian?"
"Do you have a roommate, was there some people over last night?"
"Then how did I get here? Where am I?"
"And 23rd avenue in the Richmond."
"Oh Shit. How did I get this far out? How did I end up on your couch? How did I even get in?"
"I must have forgotten to lock the door."
"But I wouldn't have just come in.... Wait there's popcorn here, are you sure you didn't have people over."

Looks around dazed and confused.

"Well, I'm sorry about this. I appreciate your candor."

We shake hands

"Have a better day"

"yah...." and he walks out.

That was my morning.