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híŋhaŋni wašté dojo qhomb
 (blessings of this good day my honored relations),
i admire postcards i receive from time to time and chose a similar format to reconnect with you all, after what's been weeks and months for some and years for others…though longer than i'd have wished for any of you. true appreciation begs your pardon, while vanity begs to explain.
what pours out into the accompanying post is my present awareness of what i bring to relationships. were the getting-it-off-my-chest aspects adequately filtered out, it would convey more intimate appreciations of you. be that as it may, i needed to begin somewhere in relaxing my strategic postures and vulnerably opening to deeper connections, and this is that starting point. expect more disclosures in coming posts that are, perhaps, of some relatable interest.

latest post (pdf file): an overdue nod after a long pause...