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Reference: sp6@2.1 LIVING IN GENIUS SPIRIT

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"We don’t just need heroes to solve things, we need a whole bunch of awakened geniuses."

Michael Mead, Mosaic Voices

Imagine being thoroughly aware of, and intimately familiar with, the genius composing our inherent gifts and talents; inner inclinations; and style, that are the resident spirit of our soul and give shape to our character from within­-more than mold it through challenges we face or whims of fate. Imagine; also, that actions taken in our own interests are primarily guided by a mature genius, more so than reactive instincts provoked in situations not of our own design or choosing. Imagine; finally, living with confidence of being lovingly encouraged, broadly supported, and loyally assisted in the fullness of our authentic selves (however genuinely expressed) rather than only in the characterizations of normalcy and defensiveness we're able to posture–and by, not only a circle of “friends of the heart”­ who relate to, and are devoted to us, as the distinct personas we are, but just as much by the communities and society we abide.

Genius is the resident spirit that souls awaken and tap into in fully becoming themselves and thriving. Life songs are the callings of true purpose evoked by one's genius and undertaken as their life's work. And concerting is to synergize the life songs of awakened geniuses into collective efforts. Genius is distinct from the competences we develop in coping; adapting; and struggling with varying situations in life. It accentuates the consistent themes of what are soulfully fulfilling to us throughout our lives.

Why each soul is unique is that the resident spirit of every soul appears to never be repeated in the same form and, as such, has a unique way of seeing life. This is its genius. The genius in us involves our unique way of seeing life. (Muse is the feminine term, Genius is the masculine term…I am your own way of seeing the world. As long as you look through my vision, everything in this world will be a kind of salvation for you.-one of the ways to salvation for what is distinguishingly us is to see the world in our own unique way and endeavor to both recognize, respect and harmonize with others in what is common to us, but to also NECESSARILY (in the interest of thriving rather than merely subsisting throughout life) ensure that what is authentically and archetypally unique to our vision and perceptions of life is represented, respected, defended, and harmonized with also).

Our appraisals indicate that issues facing Society are better resolved by looking to these spirit yearnings, and becoming agents for the living interests they represent, than to our challenges of lived experience. We maintain that for Coexistence to mature into realizing the collective well-being of all life will requirepersonalities whom are more awakened to their genius spirit and callings of purpose to expand social cohesion by coming together across our differences in concert with our authentic selves. Living authentically and concerting in this framework of meaningfulness entails mastering the genius each of us is born into–as agents for ensuring the distinctions we individually represent, as well as the significance we collectively demonstrate, are what compose social consensus on what to live for.