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Concert: S a t u r n D r a g o n Relationship Building

Híŋhaŋni wašté dojo qhomb (blessings of this good day to all observed relations)

To "concert" is to synergize ones' unique qualities in the ways these gifts and capabilities feed into; extend from; or would otherwise naturally react with what is unique to another. Concerting is not compromise, nor sacrifice, but complement...in that it results from the specific combination of contrasting qualities that are reciprocating between distinct agents of spirit and purpose.
S a t u r n D r a g o n (SD) is a practice to identify and enable concerts of genius spirit between living beings...so that their common aspirations and social efforts are excited and guided by integrated cravings of soul and spirit urges at least as much as, but preferrably more than, situations of material need.
SD is rooted in the "Ten Sights" scope of living endeavors, and observances of "Sacred Lilith" narratives of social meaningfulness; "UTW" states of social well-being; "Bioregional Interdependence" and "Doughnut Economics" models of environmental responsibility and stewardship;

"Pan-Archetypal" designs of cultural reverance; "Concerting" forms of relationship; "Open-Sourced Amalgamation" of accumulated knowledge and wisdom pools; "Inter-Translatable and Transferable" attributions of social value; "The Code" guidelines of social intention; "Eco-soulcentric"stages social development; "Genius Spirit"understandings of living purpose; "Ecosocialist" contexts of social responsibility; "UCCS" patterns, systems, and formulas of living; Abraham Maslow's "Hierarchy of Needs"; "Jungian" analysis of social archetypes and temperaments; "Integral" dynamics of social emphasis; and others.
SD is practiced as a concert of the spirit urge to "systematically ritualize the cohesion of populated circles" with whatever complementary urges occur in these circles.

In praxis,

s a t u r n d r a g o n