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Counterculture Timeline: The High Sixties: Something's Happening Here 1966 - 1967
1966       1966

  Fillmore: Jefferson Airplane  
  Negro uprisings in Atlanta; Carmichael arrested for "inciting riot" alone with 105? others

Sept 8   Star Trek television show - first episode "The Man Trap" (series ran to June 3, 1969) (second series not until 1987)

Sept 9   First issue of San Francisco Oracle (created by Allen Cohen, who was working at the Psychedelic Shop, co-owner Ron Thelin; design by Gabriel Katz)

Life magazine: LSD art (psychedelic light shows)

Sept 11   First Elections in South Vietnam


[Fr xx]
  Boomers born in 1948 are turning 18 & enter college

irst Lunar Orbiter photo of Earth

Vietnam Air War going on

Mobilization to End the War in Vietnam formed

George Harrison (& Patti) to India for 6 weeks for the first time; met Ravi Shankar & received mantra from the Maharishi Yogi

Sept 4   Martin Luther King - Chicago march through Cicero, rallies of 50,000 at Soldier's Field

Sept 15   Gemini 11 shoots pix of world surfaces

Sept 16-17   Fillmore: The Byrds  
Sept 19   Baez leads 160 Negro children to Mississippi elem school

Sept   late: Leary holds press conference at the New York Advertising Club announcing formation of a psychedelic religion - League for Spiritual Discovery ("Turn on, tune in, drop out") & starts nightly presentations at the Village Theater, New York City

Sept 25   Fillmore: Paul Butterfield Blues Band (Wes Wilson poster)

LA Free Press headline: The lesser of two evils is still an evil (Taken to be about the upcoming election for governor of California [Reagan vs ??])

Sept - last week  

mini-Hunter's Point (Ringolevio)

Augustus Owsley Stanley III - in Chron? headlines - as LSD millionaire

+ media on Haight (& Dutch provos)

Oct 6   LSD made illegal in the US - first big free concert in GGPk Panhandle (several thousand people at "Love Pageant Rally") & Diggers started free food in Panhandle (to March 1967) (see Allen Cohen's email regarding January 17, 1967)

Oct   DMZ Battle, Vietnam

Oct Bobby Seale & Huey P. Newton form Black Panthers of Oakland; (met as student leaders at Merritt College, dropped out, & working as community organizers for the North Oakland Poverty Program, write 10-point platform & program. They form a police alert patrol, following police to make sure they obeyed the law. Stand-up comedian Seale becomes "Chairman", Newton "Minister of Defense", start patrolling Oakland on weekend nights.

  Fillmore: The Butterfield Blues Band, Jefferson Airplane, Big Mama Thornton  
Oct 19   Kesey, back from Mexico, arrested

  Family Dog presents concert, Avalon Ballroom  
  Fillmore: The Grateful Dead, Lightning Hopkins  
Oct 23   Fillmore: The Yardbirds, Country Joe & The Fish

Oct 25   UCLA Teach-in on the war in Vietnam

  Fillmore: Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band  
  Avalon Ballroom (Family Dog): Quicksilver Messenger Service, Sons Of Champlin  
Oct 31   (Halloween) Ken Kesey's Acid Test Graduation

Oct-Nov   Diggers doing Free Store (Page Street) & Free Frame of Reference
+ Halloween bust & V sign (Chronicle) (Ringolevio p. 250)


Nov 4-6   Fillmore: The Muddy Waters Blues Band and Quicksilver Messenger Service

Nov 5   Walk for Love and Peace and Freedom: 10,000+ (NYC?) - Ginsberg, Snyder, Krassner, Fugs (Mobilization) - "first hippie style demo in NYC" - with Bread & Puppet Theater

Nov 6   Beatle John Lennon (26) meets Yoko Ono (33) at Mason's Yard Indica Gallery (6 Mason's Yard off Duke Street St. James's - now James Hyman Fine Art)

Nov 8  

First Negro elected to Senate (Massachusetts)

Reagan elected governor of Calif (1966-1974)


Fillmore: Bola Sete, Country Joe & the Fish, Buffalo Springfield

  Nov? Housewives revolt against soaring food prices

LBJ trip to Cam Ranh Bay

Beatles started creating Sergeant Pepper album


a summer long simmering tension between longhairs, police and shop owners along the street. "The cops would hassle kids for being underage . . .
---> CAFF demonstrations on Sunset Strip (over teen curfew)
----> Buffalo Springfield's Stephen Stills: For What It's Worth (Look what's happening here
. . .)

the Whisky-A-Go-Go, the Galaxy, London Fog, the Unicorn and Sneaky Pete's.

Before the Byrds played Ciro's in 1965, the pop music scene in L.A. consisted of people like Johnny Rivers, Trini Lopez and the Walker Brothers playing old-style nightclubs like PJ's (the site of what was later the Starwood rock club at Santa Monica and Crescent Heights) and Sneaky Pete's (now Duke's Coffee Shop at Sunset and San Vicente). The bohemian folk scene held forth at Doug Weston's Troubador on Santa Monica off Doheny, Ed Pearl's Ash Grove on Melrose (now the Improv) and the Unicorn at Sunset and San Vicente. Bob Gibson, now head of a publicity firm called the Group, represented such acts as the Doors, the Mamas & the Papas and the Byrds at the time, and ran a nightclub called the Cheetah on Santa Monica Pier.

Whisky-A-Go-Go, where the concept of go-go girls was born when, during a Johnny Rivers show, the mini-skirted lass who spun records in a cage high above the floor began dancing and audiences thought she was part of the show.
In 1965 and 1966 the Sunset Strip was at the vortex of American rock music. The Whisky A Go-Go opened in ’64 with Johnny Rivers as its house band, and soon after, Gazzari’s moved from La Cienega to just up the street from the Whisky. But Sunset Strip’s golden rock era really began when the Byrds — touted back then as the American Beatles — played a residency at Ciro’s in the spring of ’65, and their cover of Dylan’s "Mr. Tambourine Man" shot to number one on the pop charts. Soon the Strip was a magnet for acid-dropping teenagers everywhere, as well as for relocated New York folkies like the Mamas and the Papas. The Turtles, the Seeds, Love, the Lovin’ Spoonful, Buffalo Springfield, the Standells, the Strawberry Alarm Clock, Moby Grape, Iron Butterfly, the Mothers of Invention and the Doors all played the Strip, at near-forgotten clubs such as the Trip, the Action, the Galaxy, the Sea Witch, Pandora’s Box and the London Fog.
In the summer of 1966, a riot broke out on the Sunset Strip over the closing of Pandora’s Box, and 300 protesters were arrested. It was the beginning of the end of the club scene. After the success of the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival, the spotlight shifted from Los Angeles to San Francisco bands.

The Hullabaloo became obsolete. It became the Kaleidoscope in 1967 going into 1968, where they put a little more emphasis on light shows and things like that, for people who were on acid. It finally folded and then became the Aquarius, which is where Hair had its big L.A. run.
Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, the Sunset Strip "Riots" or demonstrations took place, but on Wednesday, Mayor Yorty came down and successfully spoke to the kids, and the demonstrations took another path... i.e. the CAFF Benefit took place and then the Monterey Pop Festival came out of that...

Lunar Orbiter II: photos of moon

Dec 6   Rally, Madison Sq Garden: SANE & 36 supporting organizations; Gunnar Myrdal, Norman Thomas, Floyd McKissick, I.F. Stone, Pete Seeger; 100s of balloons with peace doves released from ceiling

Dec   100 student leaders send letter to LBJ (covered in New York Times front page) warning that unless the government changes its war policy, more & more of its young men will choose jail rather than bare arms

Cream's first album: Fresh Cream (Eric Clapton from John Mayall, Jack Bruce from Manfred Mann, and drummer, Ginger Baker from Graham Bond's Organization)

Dec 6   Beatles begin recording "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (to April 13, 1967)

Dec 17

ion xx]
  Death & Rebirth of the Haight-Ashbury (Hairy Henry + Fyllis bust) [Ringolevio p. 260- ]

  Fillmore: Jefferson Airplane, The Grateful Dead, Quicksilver Messenger Service  
1966   end: 385,000 American troops in Vietnam


1967   Toronto group starts to help draft resistors who are fleeing to Canada; eventually 20,000 come

Birth-rate [crude], declining since 1957, drops to lowest level in history

Tasajara Zen Center founded, California

30 free schools

1967: SDS women in Chicago and New York started meeting in consciousness-raising groups modeled on the peasant "speak bitterness" groups of the Chinese revolution publicized in William Hinton's just-published "Fanshen'. [Gitlin page 371]


Beatles: Magical Mystery Tour
*Rolling Stones: Between the Buttons (with "Ruby Tuesday")
& Flowers
& Satanic Majesty
*Donovan: Mellow Yellow with *Wear Your Love Like Heaven
San Francisco - John Phillips
*Jefferson Airplane: Surrealistic Pillow (second album)
*Grateful Dead
*Big Brother & the Holding Co (with Janis Joplin)
*Byrds: Younger Than Yesterday
*Buffalo Springfield
*Country Joe and the Fish
*Jimi Hendrix: Experienced

*Doors: Light My Fire & first album (with The End with sitar sound) (Jan 1967)
& Strange Days (Oct 1967)
*Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention
*Velvet Underground: first
Cream: Fresh Cream
& Disreali Gears
*Van Morrison (on his own)(UK)
*Bee Gees (from UK)
*Spencer Davis Group (from UK): Give Me Some Lovin'
*Pink Floyd (from UK)
*Procol Harum (from UK)
*UK: John Mayall ?Bluesbreakers(with Eric Clapton)
Incredible String Band (UK)
*Canned Heat
*Moby Grape
*Pearls Before Swine
Aretha Franklin crosses over(?)

Arlo Guthrie: Alice's Restaurant
Simon & Garfunkel: Parsley, Sage, Rosemary
& Thyme??? w Feelin Groovy

Janis Ian (16)'s first hit?: Society's Child (about interracial dating)
Judy Collins: Who Knows Where the Time Goes
Leaving on a Jet Plane - John Denver
Waist Deep in the Big Muddy - Pete Seeger
*Laura Nyro
? :Up Up & Away

Monkees: Day Dream Believer /
The Turtles: Happy Together /
The Associations: Windy /
The Buckinghams: Kind of a Drag /
Strawberry Alarm Clock: Incense & Peppermints

TV: Smothers Brothers

D.A. Pennebaker's Don't Look Back (Dylan)
Bonnie & Clyde
The Battle of Algiers
How I Won the War with John Lennon
The Graduate directed by Mike Nichols, starring Dustin Hoffman, Anne Bancroft - top hit
(The Dirty Dozen)
Planet of the Apes [check]
The Trip (with Peter Fonda)

La Guere est Finie directed by Alain Resnais
I Am Curious Yellow (Swedish)
Godard: Deux ou trois choses que je sais d'elle (Godard's first symbols film) - emotionless lives of 60s Paris

when was Godard: Weekend (symbols) ??

Society of the Spectacle (Situationist manifesto) France
(Guy Debord, Tony Berlant?)

Ingrid Bergman returns to US stage for first time after her US career was "killed by scandel" in the late 40s

>>>>>>> R. D. Laing: Politics of Experience ("campus classic")
>>>>>>> Thomas Pynchon: The Crying of Lot 49
Richard Brautigan: Trout-fishing in America
? The Varieties of Psychedelic Experience - Jean Houston & Robert Masters
? The Dome Cookbook
? The Green Revolution

Twiggy (starts Feb, big March)
Veruschka (from Blow Up) (August)
Mod Carnaby Street fashions (pants suits)

Lama Foundation, San Cristobal, New Mexico, founded

(Washington magazine says maxis)

The Butterfly Kid (Chester Anderson of The Communication Company): "The hippies had a new kick--from Outer Space!") - a comic, surrealistic science fiction novel set in New York City's Greenwich Village; Anderson and his "sidekick" Michael Kurland save the world from blue Crustacea whose plan of conquest involves using a pill that actualizes the fantasies of the people of Greenwich Village. -
Jan 1   New Year's Day Wail! - Angel's party for the Haight in the Panhandle, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco - "First free rock concert in the park"

Steve Durky/Durkee starts to buy land for Lama Foundation, northern New Mexico (re-ck Communes USA xx)


Leary's LSD "Celebration" arrives in San Francisco

Digger Free Store moves to Frederick Street

Chester Anderson starts Communication Company in San Francisco (to September) - printed broadsides, flyers, and handbills for the San Francisco Mime Troupe, the Haight-Ashbury Neighborhood Council, the Human Be-In, the The Invisible Circus, the Diggers, and others.

Jan 6   Berkeley Strike

Jan 10   Provos in Amsterdam "bomb" royal wedding --- delete? see 3/10/66

US troops move into Mekong delta

Jan 12   Beat poet's benefit for the Diggers, held at Gino and Carlo's Tavern

Jan 14   Gathering of the Tribes for the First Human Be-In
20,000 Polo Field Golden Gate Park - [20,000 (Bohemians book) / 300,000 (Ringolevio)]
(Ginsburg, McLure, Snyder, Leary, Ferlinghetti, Lenore Kandel) put on by Haight Independent Proprieters (H.I.P.) + the Communication Co.
From Tue Dec 19 15:41:08 1995
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Date: Tue, 19 Dec 1995 18:42:48 -0500
Subject: Timeline

You have a huge but very useful task before you. I was in the Haight in the 60s and was one of the editors and founders of the SF Oracle. About 4 years ago I published a complete reproduction of the Oracle with Regent Press, Oakland CA. This year Rockument Inc ( published a CD Rom called Haight Ashbury in the Sixties that I wrote. Perhaps you should look at these.

Your entry on the human Be-In is in error. It wasn't produced by HIP or the Diggers. Here is the story:

The Human Be-In - January 14, 1967

Hippies and The Anti-War Movement Unite
The Human Be-In developed out of the success of the Love Pageant Rally, the first San Francisco outdoor rock and roll celebration that Allen Cohen and Michael Bowen produced on October 6, 1966, the day LSD became illegal in California. We had realized that the change in consciousness and culture we were experiencing had to be communicated throughout the world. We felt that the ideals of Peace, Love and Community based on the transcendental vision could transform the world and end the war in Vietnam. In short, we wanted to turn the world on and to do it we would need to attract the spotlight from center stage Washington and Vietnam to center stage Haight-Ashbury.

   Michael Bowen centered much of the organizing energy for the Be-In from his pad at Haight and Masonic. In addition to his expressionist painting and drawing, he was friends with the Beat poets from the North Beach era, and had spent time with Tim Leary at Millbrook. He was a mystic hustler who Allen Ginsberg had called the most convincing man he had ever known. He could charm the press and turn on a square. And he did. He invited Leary and the Beat poets to the Human Be-In, and arranged for it to be a worldwide media event.

   Bowen and I had become concerned about the philosophical split that was developing in the youth movement. The anti-war and free speech movement in Berkeley thought the Hippies were too disengaged and spaced out. Their influence might draw the young away from resistance to the war. The Hippies thought the anti-war movement was doomed to endless confrontations with the establishment which would recoil with violence and fascism. We decided that to strengthen the youth culture, we had to bring the two poles together. In order to have a Human Be-In we would have to have a powwow.

   We met with Jerry Rubin, Max Scheer and other Berkeley activists, and shared our ideas about directing magical and conscious energy towards the Pentagon in order to overcome its impregnability as both the symbol and seat of evil. We had developed this magical concept to exorcise the Pentagon from the writings of Lewis Mumford and the visions of Charlie Brown, the peyote shaman. The idea to exorcise the Pentagon would be realized in the March on Washington in October. Rubin and Jack Weinberg were invited to speak at the Be-In, and Max Scheer agreed to announce and support the Be-In in the Berkeley Barb.

   The Gathering of the Tribes in a "union of love and activism" was an overwhelming success. Over twenty thousand people came to the Polo Fields in Golden Gate Park. The psychedelic bands played: Jefferson Airplane, The Grateful Dead, and Quicksilver Messenger Service. Poets Allen Ginsberg, Gary Snyder, Michael McClure, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Lew Welch, and Lenore Kandel
read, chanted and sang. Tim Leary told everyone to Turn on, Tune in and Dropout; the Diggers gave out free food; the Hells Angels guarded the generator cables that someone had cut; Owsley Stanley gave out free acid; a parachutist dropped like an angel from the sky and the whole world watched on the evening news. Soon there would be Be-Ins and Love-Ins from Texas to Paris, and the psychedelic and political aspects of the youth culture would continue to grow hand in hand everywhere.

Allen Cohen

Allen Cohen (creator of the San Francisco Oracle) passed away April 29, 2004
Thank you, Allen. Rest in peace.

Jan 18   Timothy Leary speaks at UCLA Student Union to overflow attendance

Jan 23   Kerr announces tuition for University of California

Jan 25   [Mark Lane speaks at UCLA]

Jan 27   US, USSR, UK sign treaty banning nuc weapons in space

Death of Grissom, White, Chaffee Apollo 1 blow up - puts several month halt to space program

Feb   25,000 US troops to Cambodian border

*Beatles: Strawberry Fields Forever (second use of sitar ?in pop/rock music)
and Penny Lane, Michelle, Yesterday

Feb 9


406 Duboce Avenue/San Francisco, Calif./February 9, 1967
Dear Thurl,
I did move to San Francisco, 1/7/67. Moved in at this address with Claude & Helene Hayward.
In San Francisco what's happening is a drug-oriented social revolution centered in a neighborhood called Haight/Ashbury (those being the main intersecting streets thereof). A psychedelic community has sprung into existence, based essentially on pot & LSD. (Note: the pill inclosed with this letter is 1000 micrograms of LSD -- hereinafter & henceforth called Acid. Divide it in half & share it with thine frau.) The operating principles of this community -- more than 20,000 people -- are Love & Freedom.
And it's a lovely place. Everyone wears long hair and odd clothes & strange jewelry. I myself have grown a beard, given up cutting my hair, returned to boots, taken to wearing things & beads around my neck, & look generally quite picturesque, but fairly drab within my environment.
Naturally, I leapt into this community with the joy of an otter in water. With the 2nd BUTTERFLY check I made downpayment on a Gestetner silk-screen stencil duplicator & Gestefax electronic stencil cutter, with which Claude & I have set ourselves up as The Communication Company. The piece of paper headed thus explains what we're doing.
Most of my writing lately has been for the company, and is enclosed. I'm also at work on a novel: THE LOVE FREAK, set in & playing with this community. This is the one I expect to be a best seller.
Anyhow, I'm now a community leader and, since it's a revolutionary community, a political/revolutionary/ultraradical leader as well. It's all enormous fun, & I wish you would come out here & join me. You'd have no trouble supporting wife & Kind here. In fact, within six weeks the company will probably be able to afford to hire you. We're beginning to make money.
Claude is advertising manager for the _Sunday Ramparts_ -- the newspaper published by _Ramparts_ magazine. He & I have interested the magazine in the hip community (whose members, including us, are called hippies). So the magazine is using me, at $2.00 an hour, as a researcher, investigating the community & pulling stories out of it. What this means is that I'm being paid to do what I'd be doing anyhow, a very dolce arrangement.
Why have you not written? Did you get THE BUTTERFLY KID? Shortly I'll send you a copy of FOX & HARE similarly duplicated. But why have you not written?
The Communication Company (a member of the Underground Press Syndicate) is about to publish:
High Tea (with notes)
A Handbook for Unicorns
Poems Good & Bad (i.e., every poem of mine I can still stand)
The Changes, a magazine of basically literary pretensions
The Underhound, a satire mag I used to run in my North Beach days
all of which, along with everything else we put out that's appropriate, you'll get for enjoyment & archives.
I am exceedingly happy. Money is no longer a problem. I'm high most of the time & about to get high the rest of the time. I'm busy, creative, engaged, involved, having a ball. Why haven't you written?
I'm also writing a regular column on Total Art for the San Francisco ORACLE, a subscription to which I have entered in your name.
All the stuff in this mailing I wrote.
Love & joy,
[Signed Chester] [Chester Anderson, founder of The Communication Company]

  Avalon Ballroom (Family Dog): Big Brother and The Holding Company, Quicksilver Messenger Service

Feb 19   Tribal Stomp [explain xx]

Feb 21   Look: The Generation Gap (term coined by John Poppy)

  Diggers: Invisible Circus - Artists Liberation Front event at Glide Church, San Francisco - 20,000

spring   San Francisco: Happening House, Huckleberry House (Glide), and the Switchboard started, as well as Free Clinic (Dr. David E. Smith) ---- (many "runaways" arriving in the Haight)

(Professor Leonard Wolf)

Mar 1   Adam Clayton Powell denied House seat (re-elected without campaign April 11)

Mar 1?   Emmet Grogan to New York ("6 weeks" to April 9) (Ringolevio p. 331)


[Peter, Paul & Mary - UCLA xx]
  Mime Troupe busted at University of Calgary for marijuana seed (Ringolevio p. 331)

James Hoffa finally goes to prison (appeals exhausted) (8 year sentence)

Science: LSD causes chromosome damage

Berkeley Barb: smokable banana rumor

Haight people start to hear about and visit Morning Star Farm (Sonoma)

Mar 9   Fillmore opens 6 nights/week

Mar 18   3 am - KMPX strike

The first big tanker oil spill - off Land's End, England (Torrey Canyon U.S. supertanker) 119,000 tons (fourth biggest); 90,000 tons of oil washes up on Devon, Cornwall, Brittany.
Intertidal life killed, oysters damaged; 10,000-30,000 puffins, guillemots, razorbills killed.
Detergent used off Britain added to the damage; France decided against use of detergents.

Mar 25   Jefferson Airplane's second album, Surrealistic Pillow, enters the charts

Mar 26   10,000 at Be-In NY Central Park (Easter Sunday Love-In)

Mar 30   Beatles finish recording Sergeant Pepper album, take cover photos

Apr   Kaleidoscope opens on Sunset Blvd, LA  
Apr 5   Grayline Tours starts touring Haight

Apr 7   Tom Donahue takes over KMPX, turns it into progressive rock

  Nashville Negro uprising, following Carmichael's speech at Fisk University
Tennessee House of Representatives calls for Carmichael's deportation from the state?

Apr 7?   ("week before April 15"): 1965 draft card law held unconstitutional by US first Circuit Court of Appeals

April 10-15   Vietnam Week: draft card burnings and turn-ins & anti-draft recruiter demonstrations
  Open housing drive: Louisville, Ky
Apr 14?   ("Friday night") Emmet Grogan: Outlaw Mutation Boogie  
Apr 15   400,000 march from Central Park to United Nations against Vietnam War
addressed by MLK, McKissick, Carmichael, Spock
("led by MLK's Spring Mobilization Committee To End the War in Vietnam")
250,000 Bread & Puppet Theater & 175 draft cards burned

& San Francisco march 65,000

Apr 16   Negro uprising, Cleveland

Apr 21

[DK xx]
  Military junta seizes control of Greece (deposing king)

Apr 29   [Infinite Mind xx] + Fairfax Avenue full of psychedelic and hippie shops xx

May 6   Grateful Dead's first album shows up on the charts
& Scott McKenzie's "San Francisco" enters the Top 100

May   first week Oakland Black Panthers demonstrate in the California legislature;
first national media attention

May   week before May 19 Stokely Carmichael turns over Chair of SNCC to H. Rap Brown

May   Bertrand Russell's War Crimes Tribunal meets in Stockholm, denounces U.S. leaders for crimes against humanity in Vietnam

`End of Provo' event - Vondelpark, Amsterdam --> formation of Kabouters

Life: "Who Says College Kids Have Changed? At Indiana Univ, the students' main concern is looking out for No. 1" - May 19?

Paul McCartney meets Linda Eastman at the Bag o' Nails pub in London.

Paul McCartney reveals that Beatles have all taken acid [also saw as June 19 - was it in Life??]

?May - Rolling Stones busted?

May 20   (New York City: Flower Power Day)

May 21   [A Man & A Woman & Ravi Shankar concert, Los Angeles xx]

KMPX d.j.s move to or start KSAN

May 24   [Stokeley Carmichael at UCLA xx]

May 27   Scott MacKenzie: "Are You Going to San Francisco" enters charts

May 30   (Memorial Day) New York City, Tompkins Square Park, Lower East Side: confrontation between hippies & Puerto Ricans

Biafra declares independence from Nigeria

June 1   "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" released - to No. 1 through Oct. 7, 1967


[stuck at home xx]

  early - Diggers attend & boggle SDS meeting in Michigan

Boomers born in 1949 turn 18 & graduate high school

Richard Alpert to India for 3 months

Steve Durkee founds Lama (Foundation) 115 acres New Mexico

?June - Peter Berg and other Diggers confront Michigan SDS conference with street theater [Gitlen]

"British rock invasion ending" - ???!! - maybe being overshadowed by San Francisco

June 16-18   Monterrey Pop Festival: 50,000 hear Byrds, Jefferson Airplane, Otis Redding, Mamas & Papas, Shankar + new Joplin, Hendrix, Who + The Dead (first rock festival) - "200,000"

June 21   Solstice party in Golden Gate Park: 30-50,000? (Ringolevio p. 410)
start of "Summer of Love": 75,000/100,000 in Hashbury [100,000 - Bohemians book]

? "First day of summer": New Buffalo founded near Taos, New Mexico (9 miles south of Lama)

June 25   Beatles on television introduce "All You Need Is Love"

June   end - Kesey sentenced to 6 months

June 30   448,800 American troops in Vietnam

summer   Bob Dylan playing with The Band at Big Pink

July?? Arlo Guthrie performs Alice's Restaurant at the Newport Folk Festival

Texas Protestant preacher Reies Tijerina leads first Brown Power uprising of northern New Mexico poor [Ringolevio p. 383]

Los Angeles witnessed its largest anti-war gathering at Century City where President Lyndon Johnson camped out at the Century Plaza Hotel. A police riot broke up the demonstration, with scores of protesters beaten and injured, while LBJ watched from his hotel room. [July - City of Quartz]

July 2   Congress passes Selective Service Act reform: ends grad student deferments & puts them in a pool to be drafted in June 1968

July 5   Diggers become the Free City Collective

July 11   Fonteyn & Nureyev busted in Haight

July 12-17   Negro uprising, Newark, NJ (set off by cab driver John Smith's beating by police, after arrest for tailgating & driving the wrong way on one-way street) - 23 deaths, 1000 injured, 1400 arrests, 16 million dollars property damage -

July 16   [Fantasy Faire xx]

July 19   Congress outlaws crossing state lines to "incite to riot"

July 23-30   Detroit Negro uprising: largest U.S. riot of the century - 43 people deaths, 22 million dollars property damage - Algiers Motel executions took place during the uprising.

July 25   H. Rap Brown speech in Cambridge is followed by uprising

right before
July 26
  1,100 at Black Power Conference in Newark: Playwright LeRoi Jones; H. Rap Brown of SNCC; Charles Kenyatta of the Harlem Mau Maus; Ron Karenga of US; Dick Gregory

July 26   H. Rap Brown arrested Washington airport under the new law

July 27   Uprisings: Toledo, Ohio; Rochester, NY; East Harlem (Puerto Rican youths); Pontiac, Mich +++ (100+ cities); National Guard called out for first time in quarter century

July??   First Reggae Sunsplash Festival

Aug 1   Stokely Carmichael calls for black revolution at conference for Latin-American Solidarity in Havana; echoed by Rep. Adam Clayton Powell (in Bimini)

First use of term "black" noticed by media

Aug 3&6   San Francisco?: Shob & Superspade killed (John Kent Carter, 25 & William Thomas, 26)  
Aug   Abbie Hoffman & others drop dollar bills on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange

Life: Discotheques "dazzle senses in an attempt to simulate a drug experience": Electric Circus in the East Village adds audience participation

Life: "its quite the thing to do to head for Kathmandu"

Shankar touring US & opens Kinnara school of music LA

"late summer": Emmet Grogan starts Free City home deliveries

    when? Doors: Light My Fire Top 40 14 weeks

Aug 7/8   Beatle George & Pattie Harrison visit the Haight

Aug 15   MLK urges civil disobedience drive in northern cities & support of peace candidate in 68 (at Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Atlanta)

Diggers Take Control of Communication Company: "Chester Anderson published a six-page bulletin to the underground press, 'Hippie Siamese Twins Split,' announcing the final break between him and the Diggers at com/co. His last street rap had been published on June 8 [1967]. After that date the Gesteteners were taken to the basement of the Trip Without a Ticket, and he was permanently barred."

Aug 25   Beatles go to Wales in private railroad coach to attend five-day course of lectures by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi about Transcendental Meditation

Aug 27   Beatles: George Epstein dies (Beatles hear about it on Sunday)

---> John & Yoko become public about their affair

Aug   last week: San Francisco?: Chocolate George killed in car collision [Ringolevio p. 444]

Aug 30   Thurgood Marshall, first black Sup Ct Justice, appointed


On to The High Sixties: Magical Mystery Tour 1967-1968