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Counterculture Timeline: The Early Sixties: Hippies in the Haight and Vietnam War Protests 1965 - 1966




fall 1965

[H S Sr xx]
  Boomers born in 1947 are turning 18 & enter college

start of mini-skirts in stores? (high schools send kids home; parents complain there is no choice) / Carnaby Street fashions in US?

Ballad of Green Berets tops charts

Millbrook house breaks up

Brigette Bardot in Time and Life

Sept 5   SFEx writer Michael Fallon applies the term "hippie" to the San Francisco counterculture in an article about the Blue Unicorn coffeehouse where LEMAR (Legalize Marijuana) & the Sexual Freedom League meet, & hippie houses, declares the Beat movement is alive in the Haight

Sept   UC Berkeley: new chancellor announces new free speech rules in keeping with FSM demands; students start working on reforming student government, organizing a teaching assistant union, and continuing investigation of the interlocking network of agribusiness, defense, and other interests that have been revealed to them the previous year

Oct 15   U.C. Berkeley Vietnam War Teach-in & march (Tele Ave) 14,000 + Norman Thomas spoke??

Oct 16   Vietnam War protests (teach-ins, marches) in 80 cities including Fifth Ave, NY 15-20,000; Ann Arbor; Madison; Boston; Detroit; Phil; Tokyo; London; Rome +) 100,000 people in nearly 1,000 cities (Hayden) - Natl Coordinating Committee to End the War in Vietnam

Repeat march in Berkeley, to Oakland Army Base [15,000 - Bohemia book]
(Vietnam Day Committee) & conflicts w police & Hell's Angels
Catholic Worker David Miller burns draft card

Chet Helms and the Family Dog's first concert: "A Tribute to Dr. Strange" at Longshoreman's Hall (ILWU), Fisherman's Wharf: Jefferson Airplane, the Great Society, and the Charlatans (with Dan Hicks) (Family Dog was four of Chet Helms' housemates; called themselves Family Dog because of all the mutts around their communal home)

Oct 18   First draft card burning arrest (under August 31 law): David Miller

Che Guevara goes to Bolivia (was this Oct 18?)

Oct 26   Beatles presented MBE by Queen Elizabeth

Nov 1   J.Edgar Hoover: war demonstrations in US "represented a minority for the most part composed of halfway citizens who are neither morally, mentally, nor emotionally mature"

Nov 2   (US election day) Norman Morrison, 32 yr old Quaker, father of three, immolates self below Secretary of Defense McNamara's Pentagon window to protest Vietnam War

Nov 6   Bill Graham's first concert: benefit to raise money for Mime Troupe (which he managed), busted for performing in park without a permit (Jefferson Airplane, Fugs, Warlocks, Committee, Ferlinghetti +++) (Tickets: $1.50)

  Power Failure: NY & east coast  
Nov 9   Roger Allen La Porte, Catholic Worker, immolates self in front of United Nations

Nov 22   Dylan marries Sara Lowndes & moves to Woodstock

Nov 27   `March on Washington for Peace in Vietnam' Wash, D.C.
15,000 (Life, Chron), 25,000 (Bd & Pupt), 30,000 (D.S.)
SANE + National Coordinatingg Committee of left wing orgs.

March to Dec   William Frosch at Bellevue Psych Hosp, New York, treats 65 acid freak-outs  
Dec   Selective Service calling up 40,200/month

Max's Kansas City opened by Mickey Ruskin (32) (d. 1983)-

213 Park Avenue South between 17th and 18th, off Union Square, New York City

Dec 10   Bill Graham second benefit for Mime Troupe, at Fillmore (first time there) (Fillmore & Geary) - 3,500 (Chet Helms was there; he had loaned his last money $250 to a Family Dog member Luria Castell, who disappeared to Mexico with it; Family Dog had produced three concerts that were critical but not financial successes and were out of money; Helms offered to have Big Brother play at an upcoming Mime Troupe benefit just for the exposure, and a couple of other bands from out of town that Helms knew as well; Graham was mulling taking a month's lease of the Fillmore ($65/night; $500/month); Graham made handshake deal with Family Dog to book Fillmore on alternate weekends.)

Dec 15   Gemini 6 & 7 rendezvous in space

Dec 17   First Sierra Club full page ad - Save the redwoods (Redwood National Park) - 35,000 members

Dec 21   -Jan 6 Tom Hayden (26), Lynd, Aptheker to Hanoi

Dec 25   Leary stopped at the Mexican border & busted for marijuana

Dec 27   Old leadership of SDS unseated & women hold a closed door workshop at the SDS convention


National Welfare Rights Organization founded

Three books out on the "New Left

1965   end: Acid Tests - (1) Santa Cruz; (2) San Jose on the night of the Rolling Stone concert with the Warlocks and the Grateful Dead; (3) Palo Alto [Actuel November 1990 p. 154]

end: 184,000 American troops in Vietnam


1966   400-1000 U.S. draftees flee to Canada

Peace Corps peak ?enrollment: 16,000

Defense Secretary Robert McNamara announces "Project 100,000" to rehabilitate and draft "rejects"

(early) all time DOW Jones high (995.15); drop starts (to end of year)

Swami Satchidananda founds Integral Yoga Institute

Chinese Cultural Revolution 1966 to late 1968-1969 "for ten years"

N.O.W. (National Organization of Women) founded

Freedom of Information Act

Model Cities Program passed by Congress (check)

Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, president of Ghana, government overthrown

ca 1966 Ledbetter's on Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles (when?)


Dylan: Blonde on Blonde
*Donovan: Sunshine Superman
Jefferson Airplane first album (August)
*Byrds: Fifth Dimension - with Eight Miles High (with sitar)
Beatles: Yesterday and Today *Revolver (August) with: Tomorrow Never Knows
(Turn Off Your MInd, Relax, and Float Downstream) & Good Day Sunshine & Yellow Submarine
(*John meets Yoko)
*Rolling Stones: Aftermath & Got Live
*Mamas & Papas: California Dreaming & Monday Monday
Beach Boys: Good Vibrations
*The Who
Monkees i.e. I'm A Believer
Simon & Garfunkel: Sounds of Silence (album-Jan 1966)
* Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme (Oct 1966)
Judy Collins: In My Life
?with? Suzanne (by Leonard Cohen)
Youngbloods: Let's Get Together
*Hollies (from UK)
Green Berets
Jacques Brel at the peak of popularity in France
The Association
James Brown's first appearance before white audiences (at Madison Square Garden, NYC)

The Troggs: Wild Thing / Lovin' Spoonful: Summer in the City / Tommy James & The Shondells: Hanky Panky / The Supremes: You Can't Hurry Love / The Righteous Bros: (You're My) Soul & Inspiration / Nancy Sinatra: These Boots Are Made For Walkin' / Four Tops: Reach Out, I'll Be There

TV: Star Trek starts

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf
(producer Mike Nichols: "raw dialogue" & Liz Taylor)
Bergman: Persona
Antonioni: Blow Up

King of Hearts - first release
Cul-de-Sac - Roman Polanski
Fahrehheit 451 (Truffaut)
Morgan! (with Vanessa Redgrave)
Tom Jones
Raquel Welch
A Man & A Woman
Fantastic Voyage (movie)
Georgie Girl (with Lynn Redgrave)
Stop The World I Want To Get Off
La Guerre Est Finie - Resnais

Richard Farina's Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me published, and Farina (engaged to Mimi Baez) dies in motorcycle crash (April)
Alan Watts: The Book - On The Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are
Norman O. Brown: Love's Body
Masters & Johnson: Human Sexual Response
Intelligent Life in the Universe - I.S. Shklovskii & Carl Sagan
John Barth's Giles Goat-Boy (university organized as military)
Rod McKuen: Stanyan Street (?and other poems?)

Foxfire project started, Rabun County High School, Georgia

National Organization for Women (N.O.W.) founded

Free University in New York

?Ledbetter's in LA

Surfing (California)

Lenore Kandel: The Love Book (gained immense popularity when it was declared obscene and without redeeming social value by a jury on May 28, 1967 following a five-week trial. The case began Nov. 17, 1966 when clerks at the Psychedelic Shop in Haight-Ashbury and City Lights Books were arrested for "pandering to obscenity" by selling copies of the book which consisted "almost entirely of repetitions of the word fuck arranged in various patterns on the pages. Kandel testified that the book was 'the culmination of a 23-year search for an apropriate way to worship the divinity of man and express her belief that sexual acts between loving persons are religious acts'" (Warren French 66).
Jan 3   Ron & Jay Thelin open (first ever) head shop on Haight Street: The Psychedelic Shop (to sell books)

Jan 8   8,000 GIs attack Iron Triangle, after B-52 bombing strikes

Jan 14   march on Atlanta to protest ouster of Julian Bond, Negro pacifist, from Georgia House of Representatives, after his endorsement of SNCC statement criticial of US involvement in Viet; MLK spoke (Supreme Court overturns the ouster later in the year)

Jan 17   US B-52 bomber collides with a tanker aircraft during mid-air refueling operation. Three 10-megaton H-bombs drop onto Palomares, Spain below; a fourth falls into the sea. Luckily, none of them explodes. The entire event is ?covered up. (Rough Guide: Spain p.173)

January   John Lennon takes first guided acid trip, writes "Tomorrow Never Knows"

Jan 20   Kesey busted again (with Mountain Girl)

  Stewart Brand's Trips Fest, Longshoreman's Hall, SF: first light show, Grateful Dead, 10,000 people

Feb   Kesey disappears (to Mexico)

4 & 6
  Fillmore: Bill Graham's first non-benefit show  
Feb 19   First Chet Helms concert at Fillmore (Jefferson Airplane & Big Brother)

Mar   Time sez there's an "acid epidemic" -- get this?

San Francisco Examiner front page: bust of 25 "beatnicks" from 408 Ashbury

Mar 10   Provos in Amsterdam smoke "bomb" royal wedding of Dutch Crown Princess to German

Mar 11   Timothy Leary sentenced in Texas to 30 years for trying to cross into Mexico as a tourist with a small amount of marijuana; Leary appeals & gives press interviews

March   President of General Motors apologizes to Senate subcommittee for investigating Nader's private life + car safety protests

Watts flares up again (Los Angeles)

Mar 16 launch   Gemini 8 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Dave Scott barely escape disaster when one of their maneuvering thrusters malfunctions, causing their spacecraft to tumble wildly through space.

Mar 25?   Life magazine: Photos of firing squads in South Vietnam

  March, Fifth Ave, NYC - 25,000 anti-Vietnam War + 7 U.S. & 7 foreign cities  
Apr 7   Sandoz stops supplying LSD to researchers

Apr 10   Easter Sunday Love-in Elysian Park??? (Amelia sez) CHECK THIS

and 25-day, 250 mile NFWA (National Farmworkers) march arrives Sacramento
Volunteer picketing of groceries starts
Life: NFWA becoming first effective farmworkers union

Apr 11   Day after Easter: youths riot at Glen Echo Amusement Park, Washington D.C.

April   FBI treats the press to its LSD file -> negative press on LSD

Apr Life: Is USSR/China break starting?

Vietnam: Buddhists protest dismissal of Buddhist Lt. Gen Thi from the government by South Vietnam Premier Ky

30 Mississippi Negroes build tent city under LBJ's window to protest housing conditions in Mississippi

Discotheques going: The Trip, LA; The Cheetah, Broadway NY; Arthur, NY; The World, Garden City, NY; Le Bison, Chicago; The Lightworks - multiscreen light shows by Andy Warhol [ditto Look Nov 30: 50+]

Life: teen-age bands forming everywhere with electric guitars and colorful names

Charlie Chaplin making first film for US distribution since 1952

Apr 12   New York Stock Exchange anti-war leafletting

Apr 14   75 demonstrators outside NY Stock Exchange

15 & 17
  Fillmore: Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Jefferson Airplane  
Ap 16   4,400 march New York City

G. Gordon Liddy & FBI raid Millbrook & bust Leary for possession of marijuana

April   (end of) Helms to Avalon (Sutter & Van Ness)

spring   late - people start to move to Lou Gottlieb's land in Sonoma starting Morning Star Ranch

May   Dylan: Blonde on Blonde & touring England, getting booed for playing electric

Beatles: Paperback Writer/Rain

May 5

May5 -6
  Doors at Whisky A-Go-Go through August, discovered by Elektra.

Fillmore: Jefferson Airplane

May 10   Vietnam: General Thi dismissed from government by Ky; Buddhist revolt starts

May 15   10,000+ picket White House & rally at Wash Mon w 63,000 (SANE + 4 other organizations)

  Buddhist & labor union demonstrations against Ky government in Saigon  
May 26   Second day of International Days of Protest: 20,000 Fifth Ave, New York City;
called by "National Coordinating Committee to End the War in Vietnam"

27 & 29
  Fillmore: The Velvet Underground and The Mothers  
May 29   Buddhist nun immolates self in Hue, the first of eleven immolations in next three? weeks


[Storming Heaven] 15,000 hippies living in the Haight; Entrepreneurs began refurbishing the abandoned storefronts along Haight Street: the I-Thou Coffee Shop, the Weed Patch, and more.

Provos elect first representative to Amsterdam Municipal Council

  White House Conf on Civil Rights with Roy Wilkins of NAACP; Whitney Young Jr of Natl Urban League; Floyd McKissick & James Farmer of CORE; Martin Luther King Jr of SCLC; Stokely Carmichael of SNCC ("We feel that integration is irrelevant. We have got to go after political power.").

June 3   Graduation protest at Amherst (McNamara honorable degree)

  Fillmore: Quicksilver Messenger Service, The Grateful Dead, The Mothers  
June 6   James Meredith shot while marching alone thru Mississippi to encourage Negroes to register to vote

Janis Joplin first appearance with Big Brother at the Avalon Ballroom (Chet Helms hooked them up; he had met her years before when they hung out at with the same crowd at University of Texas in Austin) - says June 10

June 7   MLK (SCLC), Floyd McKissick (CORE), Stokely Carmichael (SNCC) announce larger march on same route

June 8   Graduation protest at NYU (McNamara honorable degree): 270 walk out

June 9   Sierra Club full-page ad in the New York Times urging protection of the Grand Canyon from threatened dams

June 10   IRS tells Sierra Club it will lose its tax deductible status if it keeps taking such political stands. Membership increases three-fold in the next 4 years.

June 10-11   Fillmore: Jefferson Airplane, Great Society, The Heavenly Blues Band  
June 12   Graduation protest at Brandeis (Goldberg honorable degree)

June 13   US Supreme Court: Miranda case: suspects entitled to be informed of their rights when arrested (right to remain silent, be told anything you say may be used against you, have a lawyer)

June 13-15   Confrontation between Amsterdam police & demonstrating construction workers with Provo supporters, Dam Square

June 17-18   Fillmore: The Wailers and Quicksilver Messenger Service  
June 21   March ends at Mississippi capital in Jackson, with 15,000, with James Meredith, recovered, there to speak

June 23   Fillmore: Them


[Mexico xx
  Haight Ashbury: Shops opening, dances every weekend, HIP merchants, Diggers
[Diggers="cooperative, autonomous non-ideological version of the way people could just do what needed to be done" - San Francisco Chronicle August 31, 1980]

Morning Star Ranch, owned by Lou Gottlieb of the Limelighters, along with Ramon Sender, open
the land (32 acres) to anyone who wants to live there

Los Angeles: Sunset Strip scene & Velvet Underground at The Trip
+ Carnaby Street fashions [yup - Look]

June 24   Ky agrees to add ten civilians to his military directorate
& announces elections for constitutional convention

June 29   -July 5 -US bombs major oil facilities in Hanoi & Haiphong harbor

July   (early) Beatles to Germany, Japan, Philippines

Lennon's Jesus quote in Datebook

  CORE adopts / endorses Black Power concepts, Baltimore  
  Omaha Negro uprising  
  NAACP rejects Black Power concepts, LA  
July 6   Fillmore: The Turtles and Oxford Circus

  Fillmore: The Mindbenders and The Chocolate Watch Band  
  Negro uprising in Chicago  
July 13   Eight Chicago nurses killed by Richard Speck

  Negro, Puerto Rican uprising Brooklyn  
July 16   San Francisco: Negro off-duty policeman shooting of Negro armed robbery suspect followed by Hunters Pt demonstrations

July 18   Negro uprising Jacksonville, Florida

  Negro uprising Cleveland  
July 22-23   Fillmore: The Association, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Grass Roots  
July 24   McClure's "The Beard" busted at Fillmore

  White gangs invade Baltimore Negro district  
July 29   Bob Dylan motorcycle accident -> 15 months convalesence, no touring for 8 years

July 29-30   Fillmore: Them and The Sons of Champlin  
Aug 1   University of Texas sniper kills 16 & wounds 31 from observation tower

Aug 3   Lenny Bruce dead at 40 (Hollywood)

Aug 5   4,000 whites confront MLK marching with 600 in Chicago

Aug 6   (21st anniversary Hiroshima): anti-war demos: 5,000 Times Square NY + Phil, SF, Madison, Cleveland, Denver, Minneapolis, LA, Pittsburgh, Boston, Atlanta, Niagara Falls

Aug 9   (21st anniversary Nagasaki): 200 demo Dow, NY

Aug 10   Fillmore: Sam The Sham And The Pharoahs

  Fillmore: Jefferson Airplane and The Grateful Dead  
Aug   Gemini 10 shoots pix of world surfaces

HUAC hearings: Rubin in revolutionary outfit (Gitlin p. 233)

Emmett Grogan, living near the Haight, joins Mime Troupe &, with Billy Landout, starts the Diggers, putting out the Digger Papers [+Peter Coyote starts working with Mime Troupe 1966]

Jefferson Airplane first album released nationally

Youngbloods: Lets Get Together

Beatles: Revolver released Aug 8

Aug 12-29 Beatles third & last US tour: Beatlemania again, with Bible Belt record burnings based on Lennon's remarks that "most young people are more interested in rock `n' roll than in religion . . . we're more popular than Jesus now"


  Fillmore: The Young Rascals and Quicksilver Messenger Service  
  Fillmore: The Great Society and Sopwith Camel  
Aug 29   Beatles: Candlestick Park, SF - last concert ever


On to The High Sixties: Something's Happening Here 1966-1967