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Counterculture Timeline: The High Sixties: Moratorium and The Strike 1969 - 1971


[Oct 69 - Venice dope busts]


[SR xx]
  In the wake of the success of Easy Rider, Hollywood briefly opens up to new, young, low-budget filmmakers

[September in Berkeley: with Zoe to Felton + visited Annie (Moe's opening)
+ with Jeb to Chris & Stu's wedding & return
+ Hot Tuna recorded on University Ave + Geoff & Twin Peaks + Fillmore xx]

Sept 1   Beatles finally settle finances with new contract

Sept 3   Ho Chi Minh dies

Sept 12 (or 13)   Toronto: Lennon & "Plastic Ono Band" (first appearance) -
Rock n Roll Revival concert with Eric Clapton

mid-Sept   Big Sur Folk Festival [xx]  
Sept 15   David Brower announces founding of Friends of the Earth (after? separation from Sierra Club)

  John announces to other Beatles that he's leaving the Beatles  
Sept 24   Trial of Chicago Eight starts (David Dellinger, Rennie Davis, Thomas Hayden, Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, John Froines, Lee Weiner, Bobby Seale) - huh? see earlier dates

Sept 28   West Germany: first (postwar) Socialists take power (Willy Brandt & Social Democrats in coalition with Free Democrats)

Glen xx]
  early: Beatles: Abbey Road

Dylan bootleg: Great White Wonder

Oct 6   Weathermen blow up statue commemorating police victims of Haymarket bombings

Oct 8   Weathermen/Weather Underground violent "Days of Rage", Chicago - 3 shot, 300 arrested; Oct 9 - 2,500 Natl Guard called in -> Oct ll

Oct 9   John 29 - Yoko to hospital - miscarriage  
Oct 12?   [Oct 12 - Ash Grove xx]

Gitlin says Charles Manson arrested and charged for the Sharon Tate murders;

= end of hitchhiking for hippies, at least in Los Angeles

Oct 15   Vietnam War Moratorium ** [Peace Day] thruout US
(organized by Sam Brown & David Mixner)
100,000 Boston Common / 40,000 Bryant Park, Manhattan /
30,000 candlelight march past White House (Life)
Washington D.C.: names of 45,000 Americans killed in Vietnam carried
12,000 Chicago
& Presodents of 79 colleges appeal to Nixon to step up withdrawal timetable
(black armbands worn all over the U.S.)
[10 million involved throughout the U.S.]

Beatle John Lennon returns MBE to protest UK's involvement in the Nigerian war & its support of US in Vietnam

Oct 21   Jack Kerouac dies

McCartney dead? rumor starts

Oct   [Linda Ronstadt xx]
Oct 29 - Kaleisdoscope

  Chicago Eight Trial: Judge Hoffman orders Bobby Seale bound & gagged (after refused permission to act as or have his own defense counsel) - ? see earlier date for this xx

Oct 30   US Supreme Court orders immediate desegregation thru out U.S. - what case was this?

Oct 31   Wheeler Ranch invaded by 25-man army of policemen, narcotics agents, juvenile officers, FBI agents, etc. without search warrant; when one of female residents arrested, Bill Wheeler objects, and is attacked; Bill Wheeler and four others arrested for assault; all later found not guilty

Nov 3   Nixon announces "Vietnamization" program to shift Vietnam fighting from U.S. troops to U.S.-trained local troops

Nov 4   Chicago Eight Trial becomes Chicago Seven Trial: Seale cited by Judge Hoffman for contempt & given 4 years in jail; retrial ordered on Seale's case - ? see earlier date for this xx

Nov   Attempt to introduce the maxi (coat) starts

Eight bombings in Manhattan

[saw Moody Blues & Jefferson Airplane at Elysian Park xx - was this the touch/feel event??]
[saw Jethro Tull xx]
[saw Credence Clearwater xx]

Nov 9   78 Native Americans land on & occupy Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay, site of an abandoned US military base

Nov 13  

Second National Moratorium against the Vietnam War

Nov 13-15 Weathermen led by Rubin & Hoffman march on Justice Department

Nov 14 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young concert + Joy of Cooking (Winterland) evening before the:

Nov 15 Mobilization: Washington DC march
250,000 (-750,000 Gitlin) Capitol to Penn Ave to Wash monument

Speakers: McCarthy, Sen. George McGovern, Sen. Charles Goodell, Coretta King, Dick Gregory, Leonard Bernstein; Singers: Arlo Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Peter, Paul, & Mary, John Denver, Mitch Miller, touring cast of Hair

Nov 19   Congress passes random selection of draftees thru lottery & permits first calling of 19 year olds & expired college deferments & allows call-up by birthday (+ second lottery by first letter of last name within each date group + third for within letters)

Nov 21   Senate turns down first Supreme Court nominee (Nixon's) since 1930

Nov 24   Apollo 12: second landing on moon

Nov 25   Lennon returns MBE medal

Nov 30   U.S. Army Lieutenant William Calley charged with covering up the massacre of 567 Vietnamese civilians by his troops at Mylai, Vietnam in March 1968

600 Native Americans occupying Alcatraz

Each day of the year was printed on a piece of paper. These pieces of paper, representing each potential draftee's birthday, were placed in blue plastic capsules. Then all 366 capsules (one for each day of the year, including leap years) were placed in a large glass jar.
As millions watched on TV or listened on radio, the capsules were drawn from the jar, one by one. The first date drawn was assigned a draft number of "one"; the next date drawn received draft number "two"; and so on, until each day of the year -- each potential birthday -- had been drawn from the jar and assigned a draft number.
After the lottery, draftees were called for duty in order of their draft number, beginning with number "one," proceeding to number "two," and so on, until the military's manpower needs were met. So if you drew a low number in the lottery, you were likely to be drafted; if you drew a high number, you probably wouldn't be. In this particular draft**, anyone who received a number lower than 196 was eventually called to report; anyone who received 196 or higher was not.

Dec 4   Panthers Fred Hampton (21) & Mark Clark (22) shot and killed in their beds by Chicago police during raid making at least 19 Panther leaders (they claim 28) killed in 18 months (+ Huey Newton currently in prison)

Dec 6   Rolling Stones free concert at end of tour, Altamont racetrack, Ca: 300,000 attend;
- Meredith Hunter (18) stabbed to death by Hell's Angels; three others die

[250,000 Great Expectations]
Dec - mid   Posters in major cities: "WAR IS OVER! If you want it. Happy Christmas from John and Yoko."  

[Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young at UCLA xx]
[visit to North Beach + with Zoe to Tekilma xx]

Dec 24   Manson `Family' indictments


by end, over 100,000 Americans have died in Vietnam
["58,000" sez email correction - recheck xx]
65,000 troops brought home to U.S.


tarting in early 1970s, New York City, SoHo, then TriBeCa, NoHo, Brooklyn Waterfront, then Long Island City
became artist sections, but this also signaled manufacturers moving out of these areas

1970-72 the Sixties hits the more conservative and Catholic campuses

1970-71 Almost as many student demonstrations as 1968-69 (though less than 1969-70), but much less media attention to them

1970   Common Cause founded

Jim Hightower founds Agribusiness Accountability Project, Nader-type group to investigate conglomerate influence over U.S. food supply

Celestial Seasonings founded, Boulder, Colorado

Democratic Party Commission (Sen. George McGovern, chair) begins reform

174 bombings on college campuses between fall 1969 and spring 1970

400,000 Americans soldiers in Vietnam, sez EWJ

Boeing introduces 747 jumbo jet

when? Gdansk shipyard strike (Poland)

1971-1973 Dollar devalued

Los Angeles Fine Arts Squad: Venice in the Snow, on building at the Venice boardwalk (almost totally obscured 1972 when an apartment building was constructed next door)

"Back to the Land" - hippies moving to the country xx


Hot Tuna out
Ry Cooder
* CSN&Y: Deja vu ?
*Joni Mitchell: Ladies of the Canyon
*Dylan: New Morning
?Lennon: Plastic Ono Band (with "A Working Class Hero") (first solo album)
*Eric Clapton
*Hendrix: Band of Gypsys
*Rolling Stones: Get Yer Ya Ya's Out
(& on tour, charging new high prices)
*Harrison: All Things Must Pass
*Beatles: Let It Be
*Black Sabbath ("Heavy Metal")
Judy Collins: Whales & Nightingales
*Linda Ronstadt
*James Taylor
Rita Coolidge (first)
*CSN & Y: Deja Vu
*Stephen Stills first solo
*Simon & Garfunkel: Bridge Over Troubled Water
*John McLaughlin
*Allman Brothers Band
Johnny Winter
*Elton John (from UK)
*Jimmy Cliff: first
*John Renbourn: first solo
*Cat Stevens
Eric Clapton: Easy Now (first solo album)
Harrison: All Things Must Pass
Delanie & Bonnie & Friends: Mad Dogs & Englishmen tour
(with Rita Coolidge along)

TV: Dick Cavett show starts
Bergman: The Passion of Anna
Fellini: The Clowns
Bertolucci: The Conformist <<<<
Five Easy Pieces
M*A*S*H (war humor) (the movie) (was this when the tv show started?)
Catch 22 (the movie)
Women In Love (the movie)
Hair (all over the world)
Woodstock (the movie)
Little Big Man
Virgin & the Gypsy
(Love Story)

Living on The Earth - Alicia Bay Laurel
The Tassajara Bread Book
Our Bodies Ourselves
Painless Childbirth - Fernand Lamaze (translated from
the French edition published around 1956)
Domebook One - Lloyd Kahn & Bob Easton
The Greening of America - Charles Reich
Tom Wolf: Radical Chic
Scott & Helen Nearing's Living the Good Life republished
& sells 170,000 copies
Jerry Rubin: Do It!
More than 50 underground anti-war military newspapers
being published
Sexual Politics - Kate Millett
Alvin Toffler: Future Shock
I and Thou - Martin Buber
Zen Mind, Beginners Mind - Suzuki Roshi
Deschooling Society - Ivan Illich
Vitamin C and the Common Cold - Linus Pauling
Arthur Janov: The Primal Scream
What Color is Your Parachute? - Richard Bolles
Up the Organization - Robert Townsend
Jonathan Livingston Seagull - Richard Bach
Erik Van Daniken [.. over a] - Chariots of the Gods
Gabriel Garcia Marquez: 100 Years of Solitude (English translation / original: 1967)
? Shelter

Paulo Soleri starts building Arcosanti
Swami Muktananda introduced to US (by Ram Dass)
- Siddha meditation

hot pants
water beds
Jan   "Radical Chic" parties by Bernsteins to raise funds for Black Panthers

The Last Days of Biafra

Life magazine: the people explosion; spiritual search; plane hijackings (only 4 before 1968, 45 since); spices, photos of bodies; ecology - the new mass movement; inflation: raising vegetables, home building, flea marketing; home car tune-ups, plumbing, sewing, barbering; babies out of wedlock; abortion + new doubts about the pill; anti-busing movement ("due to Washington's new soft line"); logjam in criminal courts; changing careers in middle age; crafts

[Committee again xx]

Jan 1   National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) signed by Nixon (?creates Environmental Protection Agency - EPA +)

Jan 2   Supreme Court rules unconstitutional General Lewis Hershey's 1967 directive that local draft boards reclassify to 1-A (eligible for active duty) anti-draft demonstrators

Jan 5   Mississippi integrates first three districts of its public schools

Jan 6   Supreme Court upholds prohibition of underground GI anti-war newspaper at Fort Bragg

Jan 13   Three black prisoners killed by guard at Soledad Prison during melee

Jan 16   Guard killed at Soledad Prison; Soledad Brothers (including George Jackson) accused

Feb   Leary sentenced to 10 years for Texas/Mex mj bust

Life magazine: Heroin in high schools

[Ash Grove: Byrds, Troubadour: James Taylor xx]

Feb 4   "Riot in Isla Vista protesting Chicago verdicts, ended in Bank of America bombing" [Gitlin]

Feb 9   New York: Underground `Rat' publishes Robin Morgan's "Goodbye to All That" feminist statement

Feb 15   Judge Julius Hoffman sends Chicago Seven to jail for contempt

Feb 16   Demonstration for "The Chicago Seven" - City Hall Park & Foley Sq (NYC?)

and Berkeley "riot"

Feb 17   Seattle demonstration + Michigan, Boston, Los Angeles, North Carolina

  Feb 19-28 Chicago Seven in prison on Judge Hoffman's contempt charges;
Feb 19 - Chicago Seven Trial: Dellinger, Davis, Hayden, Hoffman, & Rubin found guilty of crossing state lines to incite riot; Froines & Weiner acquitted; attorneys William Kunstler & Leonard Weinglass sentenced for contempt of court; all appealed;
Feb 20 - Chicago Seven sentenced

"Half a million people in the streets"; Explosions in 3 office buildings in NY; Explosions in California; Washington; Maryland; Michigan;

Feb 25 Isla Vista, Santa Barbara Bank of America burning [YES, THIS IS THE ONE]

(Oil spill Tampa Bay near St. Petersburg)

Mar 1   David Harris organized hunger strike - 130 of 262 inmates - Safford Prison, Arizona
(so sent to La Tuna, Texas March 6)
Mar 6   Three Weathermen blow themselves up in townhouse at West 11th St in Greenwich Village (house of Cathy Wilkerson's father) (Diana Oughton, Cathlyn Wilkerson, Kathy Boudin)

Cambodia: Prince Sihanouk deposed by conservatives for allowing Pathet Lao & N. Viet forces to cross the Plain of Jars

Mar   Women's Wear Daily decrees skirts are going midi. For the first time, not everybody listens.

Alaska's oil bonanza/rush.

While Sihanouk is in Europe, Cambodian government demands that the North Vietnamese & Viet Cong troops withdraw.

Mar 18   Coup in Cambodia

Mar 23   Nixon calls out National Guard to alleviate delays caused by the first widespread postal workers' strike

Mar 31   Oakland Induction Center - last 6 months, half the inductees didn't show; 11% that reported refused

spring   2500 Berkeley students turn in draft cards, typical of U.S. (before Cambodian protests even start) (Gitlin)

Dennis Hopper in Peru making The Last Movie [Rolling Stone reports in April]
(Kristofferson doing music), meets Janis Joplin

Huey Newton released


Post office strike starts (huh? - see Mar 23)

Philip & Daniel Berrigan go underground to avoid serving sentences

Apollo 13 (third trip to the moon) - accident

"a few months after Feb": University of Wisconsin building bombed, killing researcher

Crosby Stills Nash and Young: Deja Vu poster in Rolling Stone <<<<<<

Apr 7   Ronald Reagan, Governor of California: "If it takes a bloodbath, let's get it over with."
------ xx have this earlier

Apr 10   McCartney announces final dissolution of Beatles

Apr 17   McCartney's first solo album released

Apr 20   Let It Be - movie - release

Ringo also releasing solo album

Apr 22   Earth Day: millions participate in Washington, New York +

Apr 23   (ck) Bobby Seale (Chicago?) retrial begins

Apr 27   John & Yoko arrive in California for 4 months of Dr. Arthur Janov's Primal Scream therapy

Apr 30   Nixon sends US and South Vietnamese troops into Cambodia to aid the Lon Nol government (until June 30) (30,000 US + 40,000+ So Viet) (announces on TV)

  First week: 30 ROTC bldgs burned or bombed, National Guard on 21 campuses in 16 states
May 1 - (Saturday) ROTC bldg ransacked College Park, Wash D.C.
"M 1-2" New Haven: new protests over the pending trial of Seale & Ericka Hu/iggins -> 20,000 by Sunday
May 2 - (Sunday) ROTC bldg burned down at Kent State
May 3 - Yale Day: 15,000 protest 9 Black Panthers awaiting trial in New Haven
May 4 - Kent State University, Ohio: National Guard fires into crowd at anti-war demonstration, 4 students killed & 8 (9?) wounded
May 4 - 5,000 demonstrate at College Park, Wash D.C., 450 policemen unable to disperse, 600 National Guard sent in
----- ---------------------------------------------------
May 6-20? The Strike 448 colleges 1 million+ students
"4 million students"
Gitlin: 750+ campuses (of 2500 nationwide), demos at 1200+
(demonstrations against sending troops to Cambodia)
when? ?including? Stanford "worst riots in its history"
(75 campuses stayed closed thru rest of the school year)
----- --------------------------------------------------

May 8 - (ck) Nixon fire Gen. Lewis Hershey as director of the Selective Service & agrees to withdraw all U.S. troops from Cambodia within 30 days
May 9 - Mobilization: 100,000+ in Wash D.C. on only 10 days notice (Git)
M 9-11 - 50-60,000 demonstrators gather in Washington
May 13 - Movement for a New Congress - to elect peace candidates founded at Princeton Univ

May 14/15   Jackson State College woman's dorm, Mississippi: two black students killed, 9/12/12 wounded - no media coverage [also in People's History p. 454]

when?   [interviewed by Carlos Hagen on KPFK about the Strike xx]

May   Philip Berrigan captured, sent to Federal Penitentiary

H. Rap Brown jumps bail on way to Maryland trial for inciting riot & arson

Ma/Jun?   Native American protestors removed from Alcatraz Island

May 22   week before: crashing Stock Market: last 18 months - 985 -> 631 "greatest loss since '1929"

?June   Five Kabouters elected to Amsterdam Municipal Council including former Provo theorist Roel van Duyn, who starts off by arriving at meetings on a bicycle


Dylan: Self-Portrait

Lou Gottlieb back in court to defend ownership of Morning Star Ranch by God

commencement demonstrations/anti-commencements

Bob Dylan accepts honorary degree at Princeton

June 15   US Supreme Court rules any individual may object to military service on ethical & moral grounds, if such convictions "are deeply felt", giving more responsibility to local draft boards

June 19   Two banks bombed in Berkeley

June 22   US voting age lowered to 18

June 29   week before - Senate votes 81-10 to repeal Gulf of Tonkin resolution & passes the future aid to Lon Nol without congessional approval

June 28   First Gay Liberation rights march New York City

June 29   Last US soldiers in Cambodia withdrawn

July 1   Second draft lottery (by birth date) (for those born in 1951)
1-122 "probably drafted" / 244-365 "home free"

July - [Beverly Glen: Ships & the band + Free Clinic]

July??   Abortions legalized?

summer   28 commissioned military officers, representing 250 others, form Concerned Officers Movement against the war

Chicago Grant Park riot

29 - 31
  Powder Ridge, Conn music fest prohibited but 30,000 show up anyway  
Aug 5   Huey Newton ruled not guity of voluntary manslaughter & released (+ trip to China)

Aug 7   Courtroom kidnap in San Rafael: Jonathan Jackson, 17, h.s. student from Pasadena and Angela Davis's ex-bodyguard & brother of George Jackson, one of the Soledad Bros., attempt to spring James McClain at his hearing, plus ?Ruchell Magee & Wm Christmas who are present as inmate witnesses; McClain & Christmas killed, as well as Judge Harold Halay

Aug 11   Daniel Berrigan recaptured, sent to Federal Penitentiary

August   Selective Service Systems report: prosecutions for draft evasion have increased ten times over 1965 level

[Berkeley: Tilden Park after David / Pisces John / 2001 xx]

Aug 25 -
thru Monday
  Third Isle of Wight festival: Kristofferson + many
August 30 - Hendrix, Baez, Richie Havens + + +

Aug 29   Thousands of Chicanos gather at Laguna Park in East Los Angeles to protest disproportionate number of deaths of Chicano soldiers in Vietnam. LAPD attack & one shot, fired into Silver Dollar Bar, kills Ruben Salazar, LA Times columnist & commentator on KMEX TV (accused by LAPD of inciting the Chicano community) [Sept 90 KPFA Folio]

August   (end) Amsterdam bans sleeping outdoors; confrontations lead to establishment of Vondel Park sleeping area (for 3 years)


[Fifth Year xx]
  Selective Service Systems report: 271 "anti-draft occurrances" since January (sit-ins, bricks thrown through windows, draft file attacks)

[hitched to Mill Valley + Terra Linda xx]

Sept 12   Leary escapes prison (San Luis Obispo) with help from the Weather Underground, joins Cleaver in Algiers

Sept 18  

Jimi Hendrix discovered dead at 27 - London [born 27 November 1942]

Monterey Folk Festival (Kris Kristofferson)

Oct 1 - 5   New York prison revolt

Oct 4   Janis Joplin dies at 27

Oct   Dylan: New Morning

Jane Fonda starts campus speaking tour

Yoko has miscarriage

Fashion industry still trying to get the midi in

[with Charles to The Source xx]

Oct 12   Gaskin's caravan leaves San Francisco

Oct 13   Angela Davis, 26, arrested Manhattan charged with involvement in Aug courtroom incident

Oct 26   Bank of America fire, Irvine

Nov 3   Chile: Allende (first Marxist xxxxoffice) sworn in

Nov 5   Native Americans occupy federal land near Davis

Nov   Release of George Harrison's "My Sweet Lord" & "All Things Must Pass" album

[Performance + Warren xx]

Nov 17   Trial of Bobby Seale & Ericka Huggins begins (ended May 25, 1971)

Dec 4   Cesar Chavez jailed for lettuce boycott

Dec 15   Bank of America bombing, Santa Barbara - ?? see Feb 25, 1970

Dec   McCartney sues to dissolve Beatles

John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band : "the Primal Scream album": God is a Concept, Working Class Hero, Dream is Over (Lennon's first solo album)

Hundreds of Vietnam Veterans Against the War testify at "Winter Soldier" investigations in Detroit about Vietnam atrocities

Senate votes to halt funds for Supersonic transport (SST) development

Geronimo Pratt, Black Panther's Defense Minister, charged with murder & starts 17 years in prison

Nixon signs National Air Quality Control Act, requiring 90% reduction in car-exhaust pollution by 1975

    1966-70 Military desertion rate 300%

1967-70 Conscientious objectors 20,000 -> 40,000

1971 80,000 draft resistors have fled to Canada

1970 another 140,000 troops brought home to U.S.

(Stock market at a low, starts recovery)

1971   Oregon becomes first state to pass a bottle deposit and return bill

D.Q. University established (Native American)

Supersonic transport (SST) project canceled

National debate over fate of elms in central Stockholm square (Kungstradgarden)

Greenpeace formed, Vancouver, Canada

Use of DES discontinued after 7 cases of a rare cancer found among women at one Boston hospital (20,000 -> 100,000 women a year were prescribed DES for prevention of miscarriage between 1960 and 1970)

Five years after the "Green Revolution" spread "improved" rice throughout the Third World, these monocultured fields are devastated by a ravaging insect (cicadelle in French), leading to questioning of the program

First "microprocessor" invented [Wired Dec 1993 p 102
+ see Jan MacWorld for pc & mac dates] xx

"Bill Graham closes the Fillmore West and moves his operations to ice-skating rink Winterland (Steiner between Post and Sutter); building demolished in the 1980s" (huh? see Nov 13, 69)



  Two Standard Oil tankers collision & spill, San Francisco;
Five days later, Esso tanker spill, Long Island Sound

Senator George McGovern opens campaign for President

Jan 7   DDT use outlawed by U.S. Court of Appeals

Jan 12   Rev. Philip F. Berrigan (47) (serving 6 yr term in Fed prison, Danbury, Conn. on charges of destroying draft records) + 5 others indicted on charges of conspiring to kidnap Kissinger & plotting to blow up the heating terminals of Fed buildings (Rev. Joseph R. Wenderoth, 35; Rev. Neil R. McLaughlin, 30; Anthony Scoblick, 30 - former priest; Eqbal Ahmad, 40 - fellow of Adlai Stevenson Institute of Public Affairs; Sister Elizabeth McAllister, 31 - of Marymount Col, Tarrytown, NY)

Jan 20   [Moved to Berkeley + saw Commander Cody xx] [photographed oil spill rehab]
[+ Mill Creek, Frank's, Catalyst, weaving, Duane & Mark band, Bird Center, Ratto's xx]

Jan 25   Charles Manson (36), Susan Atkins (22), Patricia Krenwinkel (23), Leslie Van Houten (21) found guilty/convicted - have earlier date for this xx  

On to The Late Sixties: Keepin on Truckin as the US's False Prosperity Dissolves 1971-1972