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Counterculture Timeline: The Late Sixties: Keepin' on Truckin' as the US's False Prosperity Dissolves 1971-1972
1971       1971

RS: Sticky Fingers
Hendrix: Cry of Love & Rainbow Bridge
John Lennon: Imagine
*Joni Mitchell: Blue
*Carole King ?Tapestry?
*Carly Simon
*Cat Stevens
*Elmerson, Lake & Palmer
*Herbie Hancock
*Weather Report
*Tyrannosaurus Rex
*Earth, Wind & Fire ("Funk")
Led Zeppelin "more popular than Beatles": Stairway to Heaven
(*Bob Marley & the Wailers: first)
Alice Cooper group

TV: All In The Family (starts Jan. 12) (runs to 1979) produced by Norman Lear

A Clockwork Orange directed by Kubrick
The Last Picture Show
Carnal Knowledge (Mike Nichols)
Harold & Maude
Murmur of the Heart (Louis Malle)
Gimme Shelter (Altamont movie)
Walkabout (Nicolas Roeg)
?King of Hearts re-release (is this when?)
El Topo (Alexandro Jodorowsky)
Jesus Christ Superstar rock opera "worldwide success"
(The Exorcist)
UK: Sunday, Bloody Sunday
(The French Connection)
(Play Misty For Me)

Michael Harrington: The Other America: Poverty in the United States
Germaine Greer: The Female Eunuch (US publication)
Diet for a Small Planet - Frances Moore Lappe
Carlos Castaneda: A Separate Reality
Be Here Now: Baba Ram Dass, Lama Foundation
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee: Dee Brown (sez EWJ)
The Crack in the Cosmic Egg: Joseph Chilton Pearce
The Massage Book - George Downing
Another Roadside Attraction
Love Story
Buckminster Fuller: Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth

East West Journal, Brookline, Massachusetts

Vitamin C

Hot Pants
men's shoes with heels

?Day-care centers

Christiania free city founded in Copenhagen

Helen Caldicott begins (successful) campaign to stop nuclear atmospheric testing in France

Gray Panthers founded

[fall 1971: back from Mexico
T'ai ch'i classes
King of Hearts
Rick's wedding xx
Synanon restaurant "Feed Bag"
Ramon's parties
Bernie & Toni
Lennon & the punching bag
model ]
Feb   Price of oil raised by OPEC; prices of everything go up

16,000 South Vietnamese troops march into Laos with massive U.S. air support;

"hundreds of thousands protest in Wash & SF";
Senate hearings start on army spying on private citizen

Life magazine: photos of Vietnam

[to Eureka: dance class / Chuck & Donna - going to town to do the laundry; baking
+ return to LA Feb 9 - day of the Sylmar/San Fernando earthquake >> Sa Mo xx]

Mar 1   Bomb explodes in Capitol men's room; Weather Underground claims responsibility "in retaliation for the Laos decision"

Mar 8   Supreme Court rules that objection to a particular war is not sufficient grounds for conscientious objection (Guy Gillette & Louis Negal? cases)

Mar 11   Puerto Rico: uprising University of Puerto Rico

Mar 15   David Harris out on parole after 12 months in prison

Mar 23   Congress votes to lower voting age to 18 - have earlier date for this xx

Mar 29   Calley convicted for Mylai massacre

Manson + 3 sentenced (to death) (after 9 1/2 month trial - longest in Calif history)

spring   Abbie Hoffman releases Steal This Book

?? spring Werner Ehrhard (sp?) holds first EST training (yes-1971)

Homosexuals march in NY (see Life magazine December 1971)

Berkeley elects first two "progressive" city council members + mayor (April?)

April 19-23   1000+ Veterans demonstrate against Viet war in Washington D.C., throwing their medals over the Capitol fence

Apr 24   200,000 Veterans march - Washington D.C.
+ San Francisco simultaneous march of 156,000

Apr   Retreat from Laos what's the date?

First China visit by US journalists since xx
& U.S. table tennis team is invited to China

Repub. Congressman Paul McCloskey talking of running against Nixon on anti-Viet war platform

Apr 26   50,000 demonstrators (Vets?) in Washington D.C. set up "Algonquin Peace City" (in West Potomac Park)

Apr 30   Bill Graham announces closure of Fillmore East and Fillmore West

May 1   Attempt to blockade govt for a day; 5,000 District police, 1,500 Natl Gd & 8,000 fed troops
start evacuating: 7,000 arrested [another source: "20,000 Natl Gd & police, 10,000 paratroopers"]

  1,200 arrested - final total 12,614 (record)  
May 4   Dollar crisis starts in Europe, as five currencies are freed from parity with US dollar


place xx]
  England's former prime minister Harold Wilson says LBJ could have ended the Vietnam war in Feb 1967

Philip & Daniel Berrigan indicted for "conspiracy to kidnap" a high government official ie. the President

Gaskin's caravan arrives in Tennessee

The Last Whole Earth Catalog

French left joins Larzac farmers in protest against French government's planned expansion of military base

Life: Rosie Grier does needlework

Amtrak starts operations (182 trains to service 300 cities)

Airlines start super cheap flights to Europe

Bobby Seale released after charges of ordering murder of Black Panther Alex Rackley in New Haven dropped, out on bail on 4 year Chicago trial contempt charges

May 11   University of California at Berkeley's student newspaper, the Daily Californian:
front-page editorial: "Let's Go Down and Take the Park - Again"

May 13   "13 Black Panthers acquitted" (is this the same?) (see May)

May 15   UC Berkeley: Protestors gather around the fence around the land that was People's Park
Afternoon: some throw rocks and set up barricades; police use tear gas to break up
Three senior editors of The Daily Californian fired, but refuse to quit
--> leads to Daily Californian newspaper moving off U.C. Berkeley campus
(People's Park stays fenced off until November 1979. University suddenly announces plans to turn the parking lot into a student lot, which some feared might be the precursor to housing being built. A protest the day before the intended changeover turned violent, and then protesters broke up the parking lot surface themselves. In 2005, the land still holds People's Park, and neither side has given up.

May 25   Black Panthers Bobby Seale & Ericka Huggins case dismissed (same as above?)

June 3   Fillmore East last concert [Goldman on Lennon p. 405]

June 10   Mexico student uprisings

June 11   Indians ousted from Alcatraz Island by Fed, after nearly 1 1/2 year - only 16 of 100 left

June 12   Demise of Whole Earth Catalog party - $20,000 from last Whole Earth Catalog distributed

June 13-15   Pentagon Papers, secret Pentagon history of the Vietnam war, copied by Daniel Ellsberg and Anthony Russo, appears in the New York Times



Mexico xx]

  American veterans start admitting to US atrocities in Vietnam

US starts dismantling biological arsenal huh?

President Nixon announces he will visit China

summer   Danish rock festival, Amsterdam scene

French secretly explode hydrogen bomb in the South Pacific

July 2   "closing of the Fillmore" - Fillmore East closed

July 3   Jim Morrison, 27, dies in Paris

Aug 1   Concert for Bangla Desh: Harrison, Clapton, Leon Russell, Ringo + Dylan, Ravi Shankar (Madison Square Garden)

71? Aug   Pir Vilayat sufi retreat at Chamonix, France (?first?)

Aug 6   Huey Newton's second manslaughter trial ends in mistrial

Aug   Marijuana bust on The Farm - Gaskin takes responsibility

Camden 28 raid draft board in Camden, New Jersey

Aug 13   John Lennon & Yoko Ono check in to St. Regis Hotel (return to New York) and become involved in avant garde art.

Aug 15   Facing rapid inflation, Nixon declares 90-day wage/price freeze
& takes US off the gold standard

Aug 18   Shootout Jackson, Mississippi: hdqs of Republic of North Africa

Aug 21   George Jackson (29) killed during San Quentin escape attempt, while about to face another trial on charges of murdering a white guard

Aug 24   State Attorney and 13 law officers charged with conspiring to obstruct justice in the investigation of Chicago raid on Panthers of December 4, 1969

Aug 31   Stephen Bingham, 29, lawyer to Jackson, charged with smuggling weapons into prison

fall   when? Life: high school kids concerned about security & order (Sara Davidson) [see Feb 4, 72]

Sept   Attica Federal Prison: 5 day revolt ends with 1000 state & local police & prison guards storming the prison, 41 prisoners? dead

John Lennon: Imagine - released

Sept 16   Japan: 5,000 farmers & students battle 5,000 police in demo to prevent govt taking of land for Tokyo Intl Airport at Narita


  Last issue of LOOK Magazine

Follow-up to 68 Kerner Commission report says if present trends continue in inner-city racial problems, "most cities by 1980 will be preponderantly black & brown, & totally bankrupt"

Huey Newton returns to US to begin a new trial

Drive to enroll 25 million new voters is getting 5 new Democrats to 2 new Repubs, influencing local elections; college towns get uptight

Ed Muskie, Democrat, running for President

Oct 16   Eldridge Cleaver press conference in Algiers to announce his return to U.S. (sez Ringolevio)

H. Rap Brown, Pres SNCC captured after black bar hold-up, New York (with 3 St. Louis black men including Richard Moore & Eddie Josephs) after 17 mos fugitive (since May 1970)

Oct 29   Duane Allman (24) (of Allman Brothers Band) killed riding motorcycle, Macon, Georgia

Nov 2   18 to 20 year olds vote for the first time

Nov 5   UN votes to seat (Red) China (also saw as Oct 25 xx)

Nov 11   Rolling Stone: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by "Raoul Duke" (= Hunter S. Tjompson)
with Ralph Steadman illustrations

Nov 13   Mariner 9 in orbit around Mars

Nov   US pulling out of Vietnam
(Nov. 11: 188,300 US soldiers left) under Nixon's "Vietnamization" withdrawal program

Larzac, France: 6,000 march to protest expansion of NATO base

Dec   First Ms. magazine

Dec 2   Dollar dives in reaction to reports that Nixon is considering devaluation (326.76 yen; 3.289 Deutsche marks)

Dec 3   War breaks out in Bangladesh

Dec 10   Rally for John Sinclair, Ann Arbor: Phil Ochs, Bob Seger, Archie Shepp, Commander Cody, Stevie Wonder, John Lennon and Yoko Ono
- following Monday: John Sinclair released while appealing his conviction

Dec 11   Third retrial of Huey Newton ends in mistrial

Dec 14   Detective Frank Serpico tells Knapp Commission of widespread police corruption in New York

  Dollar devalued 8.57%  
Dec 26   15 Viet Vets sit-in inside Statue of Liberty to protest bombing

Dec 28   80+ Viet Vets arrested Lincoln Memorial, trying to block entrance with a human chain

11 million Hermann Hesse books sold 1962-1972 xx


  Federal Coastal Zone Management Act passed

Airlines required to screen passengers & their luggage to prevent hijackings

Over 300,000 black Mississippians, 59% of eligible, registered to vote

Terrorist attack at Munich Olympics

1955 prize-winning public housing in St. Louis, Pruitt-Igoe, blown up due to delapidation and 65% unoccupency

American Indian Movement (AIM) founded (sez EWJ - maybe only became known to greater public, see earlier xx)

Erewhon natural foods opens retail and wholesale operations on West Coast

Venturi & Brown: Learning from Las Vegas - marks displacement of modern architectural movement by post-modernism

John Lilly founds Samadhi Tank Company in Grass Valley, California to build isolation tanks

Los Angeles Fine Arts Squad: "Isle of California" (1616 Butler, Santa Monica) 1970-72 (shows remains of freeway ramp going nowhere after California falls into the sea)

Skyjacking continues - 31 in US alone

1972? Native American fishing busts

"Baby bust"


RS: Exile on Main Street and summer tour
Eric Clapton with Derek & the Dominoes
McCartney touring with Wings
*David Bowie: Ziggy Stardust (& The Spiders from Mars)
Glitter Rock - New York
*Lou Reed (from Velvet Underground): first solo
*Blue Oyster Cult (Heavy Metal)
*Uriah Heep (Heavy Metal)
*Alice Cooper (Heavy Metal)
Rare Earth?
*Leon Russell: first solo
*Chick Corea with Return to Forever
*Fairport Convention (from UK)
*Joni Mitchell: For the Roses
*Bonnie Raitt
*Steely Dan
*Jackson Browne
Traffic: The Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys
Jethro Tull: Aqualung
Moody Blues: Nights in White Satin
Curtis Mayfield
Don McLean: American Pie
Bette Midler
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band with country music stars:
Will the Circle Be Unbroken

TV: Sanford and Son (to 1977), Maude (to 1978) both produced by Norman Lear
The Godfather (Coppola with Brando and Pacino)
(first time regular movie prices are raised to over 4 dollars)
Last Tango in Paris (Bertolucci)
Play It Again, Sam & Everything ... Sex - Woody Allen
Brother Sun, Sister Moon (St. Francis of Assisi)
Werner Herzog: Aguirre, The Wrath of God (not to US)
Fassbinder: The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant
Jodorowsky working on The Holy Mountain
Grease "50s revival"
Fritz the Cat
Deep Throat (seized Aug 18, ruled obscene Mar 73)
UK: O Lucky Man (sequel to If...)

Ms. Magazine starts (actually Dec. 71)
I.F. Stone stops publishing The Weekly
The Vegetarian Epicure (I) -
The Joy of Sex - Alex Comfort
The Massage Book - George Downing (I have this as 71)
The Alexander Technique - Wilfred Barlow
Carlos Castaneda: Journey to Ixtlan
Mandala - Jose[/] & Miriam Arguelles
Ringolevio - Emmett Grogan
Jonathan Livingston Seagull
(I have this as 70) (saw again as 72)
Watership Down - Richard Adams
First? Mother Earth News
The Foxfire Book published, a compilation of reprints
from quarterly Foxfire magazine, a teenage
staff's reports on dying folk customs and arts
of the Georgia Appalachians

Filipino Food - Ed Badajos

Joan Baez takes a year off to volunteer for Amnesty International

Norwegian philosopher Arne Naess introduces
the idea of deep ecology

"szechwan food"
"below the knee hemlines"
"use of Ms"
Mark Spitz (Munich Olympics) & that Russian gymnast?
Burt Reynolds "first" nude male portrait in Cosmopolitan
Jan 10   2 black protestors in Baton Rouge killed in shootout with police during demo + 8 wounded (+ 2 white deputies killed)

Jan 17   New Jersey Supreme Court ends death penalty

Jan 25   Shirley Chisholm (Representative from Brooklyn, New York) becomes first black female to seek major party's Presidential nomination

Feb 18   California Supreme Court ends death penalty

Feb 4   Life magazine: "Today's high school generation is interested in security, stability, & comfort."

  Nixon visits China  
Feb 23   Angela Davis is released (after 16 months)

Feb 24   Daniel Berrigan released after 18 months of 3-year term (for Catonsville 9 xxx); goes to Harrisburg where his brother Phil is on trial

Feb 28   Angela Davis trial starts, San Jose


Spain xx]
  Rodger McAfee, 33, dairy-farmer in Caruthers, Calif., uses farm as collatoral to pay Angela Davis's bail

Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) passes Congress (by year end, only 22 states have ratified)

Mar? Raymond Yellow Thunder, Sioux, killed, Nebraska

Immigration & Naturalization Service demands John Lennon's deportation

Mar 22   13-member National Commission on Marijuana & Drug Abuse recommends legalization of marijuana

Mar 27   Soledad Brothers acquitted

Mar 30   North Vietnamese troops go south through the DMZ into South Vietnam

Apr   Heavy US bombing of North Vietnamese entering South Vietnam

Demonstrators in Harrisburg, Pa. support Phil Berrigan and six co-defendents

Apr? Mar y Sol rock fest Puerto Rico 30,000

McGovern wins Wisconsin

Berkeley gets progressive majority (with 18-20 year old voters)

Cotati - 25 year old female mayor and two city council members under 30

Apr 5   Harrisburg 7 trial ends in mistrial after 11 weeks (this was for plotting to kidnap Kissinger & blow up heating xxx ); only P. B. & Sister Elizabeth McAllister declared guilty, and only of smuggling letters in & out of prison

Apr 15   Nixon & Canada P.M. Pierre Trudeau sign pact to clean up the Great Lakes

Apr 15-28   New wave of antiwar protests on campuses & near military & defense-industry installations - 100s of arrests across U.S.

May 1   Quang Tri captured by North Vietnam

May 2   J. Edgar Hoover dies (after 48 years as only the Director of FBI)

May 8   bombing of Hanoi & Haiphong (Harbor?)


[xx Art Center at
  Nixon talks in Moscow, signs landmark nuclear arms pact

University of Michigan protest against ROTC and protests on dozens of US campuses against
the renewed bombing of North Vietnam i.e. Colombia

when? Davis: protestors block train carrying military supplies

when? Retreat in Vietnam

May? First? Mother Earth News

May 11   District/Fed Appeals Court overturns Chicago Seven (& 2 attorneys)'s contempt sentences & orders trials on Hoffman's citations

May 15   George Wallace shot, Washington D.C. & paralyzed, drops out of presidential race

Tom Donahue becomes director of KSAN

May 18   Phil Berrigan back to jail (Danbury) to complete 6 year term for destruction of draft records in Baltimore & Catonsville, Md.

May 21   Catholic Lithuanian youth immolates self -> week of uprisings vs Soviet troops

May 25   Rolling Stone: John and Yoko can't get new visas to stay in US

June 4   Angela Davis acquitted (13 week trial)

June 14   Environmental Protection Agency (EPA bans) DDT


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