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Counterculture Timeline: The Seventies: Keep on Keepin' On 1974-1976
1974       1974

Sept: Inventors
own house xx

Oct 26: a]
8 & 9?
  Bruce Springstein first played the Roxy?

Sept   Ford grants amnesty to draft evaders

Sept [xx
  (Green Revolution plan announced)

Sept 16   US District Court dismisses all charges against Banks & Means for Wounded Knee takeover

Oct   Whole Earth Epilog

US airlift of military supplies to Cambodia's Lon Nol regime suspended until March

Oct 7   John Lennon finally given legal status to stay in the US (after 3 year legal battle)

Nov   Jerry Brown elected Governor of Calif (1974-1982)
(served January 1, 1975-January 1, 1983)
(along with post-Watergate class of freshman legislators)

  World Food Conference, Rome (Lappe spoke?)  
Nov 13   Karen Silkwood, investigating Kerr-McGee xxx, killed in controversial auto accident

Nov 20   US files anti-trust suit against AT&T

Nov 21   Congress overrides Ford's veto to pass the Freedom of Information Act


1975   Inflation + Highest unemployment since the thirties
(Whip Inflation Now - according to Washington magazine)
Also high interest rates
Also ?insurance rates? triple

Draft registration is suspended

Sen Frank Church launches investigation which reveals CIA conducted illegal surveillance of US citizens & plotted to assassinate foreign leaders i.e. Castro
Sam Giancana, Mafia chieftain, murdered in his Chicago home, following reports of his involvement in CIA Castro plot
Jimmy Hoffa disappears
Former United Mine Workers pres Tony Boyle starts jail sentence for ordering murder of union opponent Joseph Yablonski, wife & daughter

California passes Agricultural Labor Relations Act (grants farm workers right to collective bargaining, establishes a minimum wage, & abolishes child labor in the fields)

New York City almost goes bankrupt (1975-1976)

Tom Donahue, founder of progressive? radio, dies

John Lennon goes into seclusion for five years

Bunny Wailer goes into seclusion for 7 1/2 years

Z Budapest arrested for tarot reading (9 years to Supreme Court win)

Rolling Thunder Revue (into Jan at least)

Frances Moore Lappe & Joseph Collins start Institute for Food and Development Policy (IFDP) [explain xx]

Airlines start to be deregulated -> cheaper fares

Franco dies (Spain) (Nov 20) - 36 years dictator

Dictatorship ends in Greece (74? 75?)

?World wide famine?

Architect Frank Gehry creates second "deconstructivist" style house (LA?); Netherlands designers Koolhaas and Zenghelis also do first deconstructivist buildings

Oregon becomes first state to ban aerosols containing chlorofluocarbons

Bill Gates and Paul Allen start Microsoft in Albequerque

First article on effect of carbon dioxide on global warming (Greenhouse Effect) (Science magazine & Journal of Atmospheric Sciences)



*Joni Mitchell: Hissing of Summer Lawns
Bob Marley and the Wailers: Natty Dread
Dylan: Basement Tapes released
Patti Smith: Horses +? [was this her first? if not, when was that? xx]
*Sons of Champlin
*Germany: Kraftwerk
*Fleetwood Mac re-formed with Buckingham & Nicks
New York: First Punk bands
(The Ramones, Talking Heads, Blondie, Television)
Ireland: six traditional musicians meet in Dublin
& form The Bothy Band, start of many revival groups

what year? ? John Prine

TV: Saturday Night Live (yes) (starts)

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (movie) (Nicholson)
Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (Martin Scorsese) (also saw as 74)
Rocky Horror Show (the movie?) (Sept?)
The Wiz (black musical)
The Day of the Locust

Immaculate Deception: A New Look at Women and Childbirth
in America - Suzanne Arms
Birth Without Violence: Frederick Leboyer (the book & the movie)
The Woman Warrior: Maxine Hong Kingston
Small Is Beautiful (I have this as 73)
Ernest Callenbach: Ecotopia
Fritzof Capra: The Tao of Physics
?Briarpatch Network
The Book of Tofu - Shurtleff & Aoyagi
The Postage Stamp Garden Book - Duane Newcomb
Edward Abbey: The Monkey Wrench Gang

Philip Agee: Inside the Company (was this the first CIA expose?)

Shogun - James Clavell (the book?)

Transcendental Meditation



spring 1975?? streakers

[Sept: LB 2
first Ethnic Art History
Jan 1   Menominee Indians seize unused Gresham, Wisconsin, Roman Catholic novitiate (to Feb 4, when church promises to deed it to them for a tribal hospital)

Jan   Vondel Park, Amsterdam closed to camping

Jan 7   Major auto producers announce rebates

Apr 17   Khmer Rouge take over Cambodia (after 5 year war)

Apr 25   Moderates (Socialists & Popular Democrats) win the first free elections in Portugal in over 50 years

Apr 30 - May   "Fall of Saigon": North Vietnamese troops enter Saigon

May   Pathet Lao begin takeover of Laos

May 1   Stock Market commissions deregulated, starting Stock Market shake-out

May 27   Alaska legalizes home use of mj

June 7   Tom Hayden fails to defeat California Senator John Tunney in the Democratic primary, but gets 36.7% of the vote [follow up xx]

June 26   Shoot out on Oglala Sioux Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota between xxx (Leonard Peltier later blamed & indicted, as described in In The Spirit of Crazy Horse)


  [solo trip to Cathy (Atascadero), Vicki & Dave (Russian River), Chuck & Donna (Willits, the good trip) xx]

[Guatemala xx]

Aug 11   Last US soldier leaves Vietnam
(total US casualties: 46,079)
(Almanac sez 57,939 killed or missing)
total Vietnamese casualties ??

Aug 23   Pathet Lao celebrate complete takeover of Laos

Aug 27   Kent State President & 27 National Guard acquitted of all responsibility for shootings

Sept   [Second year at CSULB xx]

Sept 5   Lynette `Squeaky' Fromme fires at Ford (Sacramento)

Sept 9   New York City emergency plan to stave off default for three months

Sept 18   Patty Hearst found by FBI In San Francisco & caught

Sept 22   Sara Jane Moore fires at Ford (SF)

Sept 27   (Parents ask to turn off Karen Anne Quinlan's support system (New Jersey))

Oct 1   OPEC raises oil prices another 10%, but agrees to hold that price for 9 months

Oct 27   Bruce Springsteen on cover of Time & Newsweek
Oct 16-18 Roxy - Saturday Oct 17 is the one broadcast on the 106 FM that we taped
Nov 1 - Santa Barbara !!

Nov 10   Portuguese leave Angola

Nov 17   Cleaver arrested on return to US after 7 years living in Cuba, Guinea, Algeria, N. Korea, France (for Apr 68 Oakland shootout)

Nov 20   Franco dies, dictator of Spain 36 years

Dec 11   High-ranking government official announces US has sent $25 million in arms & support to Angola over the past 3 months

Dec 19   US Senate bars further covert aid to Angola



(Dollar strengthens on foreign exchange 1976-1977)
("Economic recovery")
Highest rate of bank failures since 1933 (385 in trouble)
Ford's "Whip Inflation Now" buttons
(U.S. Balance of Payments starts to go into red)

Oldest Baby Boomers start turning 30

US bicentennial celebrations
when? kick-off : 30,000 demonstrators

First US/USSR grain sales treaty (minimum purchases)

Cultural Revolution in China ended

South African invasion of Angola (Almanac has this as 1981);
Cuba sends troops to Angola


James Buckley running for president

Congressional Black Caucus founded

Who's Deep Throat?

Tom Hayden establishes Campaign for Economic Democracy

Apple Computer started in Steve Jobs' basement in Mountain View, California

Production of PCBs banned

("Peter Berg popularizes the term "bioregionalism" ")?ck CQ date

Ron Cobb stops publishing cartoons - too bad!

First year of California drought



Lowest birth rate of the Baby Bust

Bob Dylan: Desire
McCartney: Wings over America tour
*Joni Mitchell: Hejira
*Warren Zevon
*Bunny Wailer: first solo
John Denver: Rocky Mountain High
Peter Frampton
The Captain and Tennille

*Sex Pistols (UK) - first Punk (late 1976) ENGLAND
June - play in Manchester

TV: Charlie's Angels begins
Happy Days & Laverne and Shirley,
Little Hse on the Prairie, The Waltons (Note: all nostalgia)

Chorus Line opens on Broadway

Sat Night Fever (released)
(A Chorus Line)
Taxi Driver (Martin Scorsese, with Robert De Niro)
All the President's Men
Three Days of the Condor
The Marathon Man (w Dustin Hoffman)
Werner Herzog's movies reviewed in Rolling Stone
Wim Wenders: Kings of the Road
Alain Tanner: Jonas, qui aura 25 ans en l'an 2000

Laurel's Kitchen
Roots (the book)
The Guide to Self-Sufficiency - John Seymour (U.K.)
The Solar Home Book - Anderson & Riordan
The Woodburner's Encyclopedia - Shelton & Shapiro
A Co-operative Method of Natural Birth Control-Margaret Nofziger
(The Joy of Running - Kostubala)
Passages - Gail Sheehy
When God Was a Woman - Merlin Stone

Mother Jones starts publication

In These Times starts publication

Rolling Stones Magazine write-in on the Sixties

Christo's Running Fence crosses Sonoma and Marin counties

CB craze
Born again
Personal ads

Cocaine becomes noticeably fashionable
Feb 4   Earthquake in Guatemala -> Plenty (outgrowth of The Farm)

Feb   Native American activist Leonard Peltier arrested in Canada & trial

Feb 12   MPLA ("Soviet" Popular Movement for Liberation of Angola) states that it has won the Angolan Civil War; Unita (National Union for the Total Independence of Angola, Jonas Savimbi, President - supported by U.S.) forms? coalition with FLNA (National Front for the Liberation of Angola)

Feb 19   Four recruits die at Fort Dix of a new flu virus which is a hybrid of Asian flu with one that causes flu-like illness in pigs ("swine flu"). Worries about an epidemic similar to the 1918-19 swine flu epidemic which affected 500,000 Americans. Big vaccination campaign started.

Mar 11   Stock Market tops 1,000 (highest since Jan 26, 1973)

Mar 18   New trial ordered for Rubin "Hurricane" Carter & John Artis (for 67 triple murder N.J.)

?When was Bob Dylan's song?

Mar 28   FBI discloses it burglarized the Socialist Party 92+ times between 1960 and 1966

Apr 5   Howard Hughes dies

Beijing demontrations against the Gang of Four

Apr 9   Phil Ochs hangs himself at his sister's house, Far Rockaway, NY (also saw as April 7 or 8) xx

Apr 25   Portugal's first free parliamentary elections in fifty years - Socialists & Popular Democrats share win

May 12   Seventh biggest tanker oil spill, near La Corun~a, Spain 100,000 tons - (Urquiola); 60 miles of coastline blackened

May 28   OPEC extends oil price freeze

June 5   Teton dam bursts, Idaho

June 16   US ambassador killed in Lebanon "civil war"

Uprising in Soweto, South Africa's biggest black "township":
10,000 students demonstrate (asking to be taught in English instead of Afrikaans?)
Spreads to 7 other black townships - 128 dead; 1,112 injured
By year's end, some thousands have died in demonstrations throughout the country

July?   Is this the first month of the trade deficit?  
July 29   Legionnaires die at Philadelphia convention of strange new disease

July 20   Viking I lands on Mars

Aug   [Seattle, Canada - Connie / Guernville / Willits / Donna: Covelo/Seattle xx]

Sept 30   Congress passes Hyde amendment, which would prevent Medicaid reimbursements for abortions

Oct 4   Agriculture Secretary Earl Butz's resigns due to his racist remark

Oct 12   Three elderly deaths halt swine flu vaccination program

Oct   Amory Lovins: Energy Strategy: The Road Not Taken
(in Foreign Affairs journal) (he was 28) [explain! xx]

(Democrats running for Pres: Henry Jackson, Lloyd? Bentsen, George Wallace)
Wavy Gravy and others support Nobody for President

Oct 22   US Federal District Court holds Hyde Amenment unconstitutional

Nov   Jimmy Carter / Walter Mondale defeat Ford for President

Nov 15   Canada: Parti Quebecois gain control of Quebec government

  (Thanksgiving) The Band: Last Waltz at Winterland (Graham) (movie 1978)

Dec 17   OPEC agrees on two oil price raises: Saudi Arabia 5% raise, other 11 OPEC nations 10% raise  
Dec 20  
Mayor Richard Daley, ruler of Chicago for 20 years, dies
-> first black non-Daley major ? [The mayor after Daley wasn't Black, but female.  Her name was Jane something.] xx

Dec 22   Oil spill - Liberian tanker off Nantucket, Massachusetts 20,000 tons


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