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Counterculture Timeline: The Seventies: Global Marketplace and Deindustrialization 1979 - 1981


Nov   US Steel closes 15 plants: 13,000 out of work

Nov 24   US General Accounting Office admits that thousands of US troops were exposed to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War

Dec 5   Gold is selling for less than 136.49 dollars/ounce

Dec 25-26   USSR invades Afghanistan  
Dec   US gov persuades NATO to accept stationing of additional 464 Cruise & 108 Pershing II missiles in Europe (in addition to 5000+ already there)

Dec U.S. bail-out of Chrysler starts, UAW accepts pay cuts


1980   U.S. Industrial output lowest in 5 years
Stagflation of 1979-1980 continues
Unemployment soaring
Housing prices skyrocket
(I say)

Government tight money anti-inflation policy

Japanese cars & semiconductors? jump in sales to U.S.
(Japanese investment in U.S. starts to grow ($1.2 bill in 80)

Banks deregulated (see Economics p. 274)

Abscam scandel (into Jan 81 - Apr 81 convictions)

Pay raise for armed service recruits -> turnaround

U.K.: Planning Act shifts powers from counties to districts

Guardian Angels founded

First Right Livelihood Awards from Sweden

Rev Jerry Falwell claims Moral Majority has registered 4 million

36-year Sup Court Justice Wm O Douglas dies

(MCI wins settlement from AT&T)

(Color Me Beautiful - Carole Jackson)

(The Official Preppie Handbook)

USSR in Afghanistan, US boycotts Moscow Olympics

Jerry Brown running for President (second time)

Biotech breakthroughs

Castro allows Cubans to leave

Audubon Society & U.S. Fish & Wildlife begin

California Condor Recovery Program

Supreme Court rules that organisms created by genetic enginnering can be patented (sez EWJ)

"11 years before 1992" first Fourth World meeting (London) [Utne #77 p 36]



First Rap hit: Sugarhill Gang's Rapper's Delight ("79")

Weavers reunion concert

TV: ?Shogun?

The Elephant Man
(The Shining)
(Blues Brothers)
?Return of the Secaucus Seven - John Sayles

Alvin Toffler: The Third Wave
Lester Thurow: The Zero-Sum Society
The Next Whole Earth Catalog
A People's History of the United States - Howard Zinn
Medical Self-Care (the book) - Tom Ferguson, M.D.
The Toilet Papers: Designs to Recycle Human Waste & Water:
Dry Toilets, Greywater Systems, & Urban Sewage - Sim Van der Ryn
The Old House Journal Catalog
Drawing Down the Moon - Margot Adler
(Clan of the Cave Bear) (the book)
Jan   Myles Horton, founder of Highlander, dies

Carter proposes peacetime m/f draft

Third Sundance Festival (first held Sept 1978) moves to January and becomes a showcase for non-Hollywood alternative, independent films.

Jan 2   Gold price rise starts: 562.85/ounce

Jan 4   Carter announces USSR grain sales embargo (in the wake of USSR Afghanistan invasion)

  Gold goes up ?$176 to $835/ounce  
Jan 15   Gold price rises to 700 dollars/ounce

Jan 16   Interferon made by gene-splicing

Feb   Global oil glut -> price starts to lower

Feb 23   Fifth biggest tanker oil spill, Navarino Bay, off Pylos, Greece 116,000 tons
(Irenes Serenade); dispersant sprayed, skimmers and booms used; huge slick to ssw

Mar 27   Silver plummets to 10.80/ounce, destroying Hunt brothers silver empire which they started building in summer 1979

Apr 2   Carter signs the Windfall Profits Oil Tax

Apr 17   Zimbabwe, once Rhodesia, gains independence from U.K.

Apr 17   Recession begins

May 4   Tito dies, Yugoslavia, xx years head of state

May 17-19   Black uprising, Miami  
May 18   Mount St. Helens erupts, Washington

May 21   Carter announces state of emergency at Love Canal

June   800,000 anti-nuclear march New York City (with Coretta King)

3 & 6
  Computer errors trigger 2 false nuclear alarms  
June   Congress approves small peacetime draft

(Employees buy-out Rath Packing)

July   US automobile manufacturers report record losses, 2nd quarter 1980

Aug 14   After 2 months of labor turmoil, 16,000 Polish workers seize the Lenin Shipyard, Gdansk

Aug 30   Polish government allows formation of independent unions
-> Solidarity formed (Lech Walesa)

fall   President Carter authorizes CIA to funnel $1 million to opposition to Sandanista government of Nicaragua

Sept 22   After 10 months of skirmishes, Iran-Iraq war starts, halting 60% of world's oil traffic

Sept 23   Maine referendum shuts down Maine's only nuclear plant (Yankee)

Sept 30   Recession believed ending

Oct   Socialists win in Spain (first democracy since 1939)

Indian Point 2 Nuclear Reactor shut down - New York

Oct 17   Recession ends but inflation continues

Nov   Reagan defeats Carter plus many Republican Senators "ride in on Reagan's coattails")
Weren't the Iranian hostages freed shortly after this ??

Surge in mortgage rates starts

Nov 14   Guinea-Bissau government falls

Nov 25   Upper Volta president ousted

Dec 3   Congress passes Superfund (ck xx) $1.6 billion to clean up toxic sites

Dec 5   Carter halts US aid to El Salvador after rape and slaying of three American nuns and a lay worker. Leftist guerillas begin to unite as the FMLN (Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front).

Dec 8   John Lennon shot and killed outside the Dakota, New York City

Dec   Dingas leave Muktananda's Oakland ashram

Dec 10   Second instance of surrogate motherhood reported (Tenn)

Dec 13   El Salvador: Jose Napoleon Duarte, recently returned from exile, is selected by the ruling junta as civilian president (first in 49 years)

Dec 16   Saudi Arabia raises oil prices $2 to $32/barrel, then OPEC allows others to rise to 40/barrel

Leaders of Solidarity, leaders of a new government, and reps of Catholic Church + 150,000 gather in Gdansk to recognize the dramatic change which has come to Poland

Dec 18   Hunger strike in Northern Ireland is called off after 7 weeks  

1981   Oil at its highest price (1.35-40?/g) and starts to drop
US Inflation rate starts to drop
US Interest rates around 16%
Japanese investment in U.S. doubles to $3 billion
Number of young families buying homes drops
Worldwide Stagflation of 1981-83
81 + In the wake of oil price increase, third world less
81 able to repay 400 billion in debts incurred 71-80
Savings & Loans continue to become insolvent

?U.S. Steel decides to buy Marathon Oil instead of modernizing its plants

1981-1982 "terror in the Guatemala countryside"

Morris Dees starts? the Southern Poverty Law Center & takes the Texas KKK to court to stop them from harassing Vietnamese-American fishermen in Galveston Bay

U.K.: black uprisings in Brixton (s. London), Toxteth (Liverpool) & Moss Side (Manchester)

Indian Point Reactor fizzled

25.5 million people over 65, 28% increase over 1970

Earth First! founded

CED? elects majority to Santa Monica City Council (& Dennis Zane elected mayor) [but see82]

Socialist Bernard Sanders elected mayor Burlington, Vermont

Assassination attempt on the Pope

TriBeCa becomes New York City's hot neighborhood when Odeon opened

kiwi becomes popular

Space shuttle Columbia first flight

Pac Man copyrighted 1980/81

Oldest baby boomers start turning 35
(up against the clock)



Bob Marley dies
when? Michael Jackson

Reds, Tell Me A Riddle
My Dinner with Andre -
   Louis Malle
Cutter's Way, Soldier Girls
Heartland, Gallipolli
El Salvador: Another Vietnam
(Raiders of the Lost Ark)
Pixote, Zoot Suit
The French Lieutenant's Woman
Mon Oncle d'Amerique -
   Alain Resnais
Perfumed Nightmare -
   Kidlat Tahimik

?Come Back to the 5 & Dime
Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean
?Man of Iron - Andrzej Wajda

Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In
- Fisher & Ury
Jan 5   Second draft registration held

Jan 11   El Salvador: ruling junta declares martial law

Jan 16   Bernadette Devlin shot (Northern Ireland)

Jan 20   52 American hostages released by Iran minutes after Reagan inauguration

Jan 23   Atlanta: 16th child disappeared or found dead in 18 months (continues into Feb)

Jan 28   Reagan abolishes oil price controls

Jan 30   Endangered Species List de-emphasized "to concentrate on recovery rather than reporting new species"

Jan 31   Indian Point 3 Nuclear Reactor (New York) malfunction in steam turbine closes down the plant

Feb 2   US Secretary of Education proposes bilingual education plans

Feb 4   Reagan cuts synthetic fuel projects

Mar?   James Watt appointed Secretary of Interior

Sierra Club membership skyrockets: By 1987 national environmental group membership has risen from 4 million to 7 million

Mar 2   ?Reagan cuts 35.1 billion from spending & reduces taxes 23% (check xx)

Mental Health Institutions cut back (Soc. Sec.) - by the end of the year homeless people, hardly seen in the US since the 1930s, are a common sight in many California cities.

Reagan: tax act benefits high-income taxpayers and large corporations

Also: US sends 20 more military advisors & $25 million military equipment to El Salvador Duarte ?junta

Mar 9   President Reagan authorizes CIA to undertake cover activities against the Sandanista government of Nicaragua

Mar 13   President Reagan sends US Green Berets to serve as advisers to the Salvadorean ?armed forces?

Mar 30   Reagan wounded in assasination attempt - Hinckley

Apr   A group of Lakota & Sioux Indians occupy a section of South Dakota's Black Hills & set up Yellow Thunder Camp (part of national forest officially returned to them in 1980)

Apr 9   Robert (Bobby) Sands elected to Parliament in 6th week of hunger strike

Apr 11-12   Uprising in Brixton, Jamaican section of London  
Apr 24   Reagan ends curb on sales of wheat to USSR

May 5   Robert (Bobby) Sands dies in Maze Prison near Belfast, Northern Ireland, after 66-day hunger strike asking the British government to grant political prisoner status to Irish Nationalist inmates, instead of treating them as common criminals

May   US House passes Nuclear Freeze, to be tabled by Senate

May 23   30th black youngster found dead in Atlanta

June   First half-dozen cases of AIDS diagnosed - Los Angeles

June 6   Backlog of 6,000 Haitians facing deportation hearings

June 21   Arrest in Atlanta finally stops killings

July - Sept   California fruit fly battle; first mis-use? of Integrated Pest Management (IPM)  
July 3   195 demonstrators arrested in series of White House sit-downs against Reagan administration cuts & involvement with El Salvador

  Neo-Nazi Front riots in London & a dozen other English cities

July 29   UK: Prince Charles weds Lady Diana

Aug 1   Seventh hunger striker dies, Belfast

Aug 3   12,000 air-traffic controllers go on strike

Aug 5   Reagan breaks air-traffic controllers strike by hiring non-union workers

Aug 6   Reagan endorses neutron bomb

Aug   Bhagwan Shree Rajnesh and followers move to 66,000 acre Big Muddy Ranch near Antelope, Oregon

IBM introduces the Personal Computer (PC)

Reagan ?signs? income tax reductions for rich (explain)

Aug 20   Tenth & last hunger striker dies, Belfast

Aug   (end) Mexico announces inability to pay interest on its debt

Aug 24   South Africa invades Angola

Aug 26   Two-year death toll in El Salvador reaches 26,000

Sept   US mortgage rates 17.71%

Oct   Weatherpeople surface with bungled robbery

Papandreou & Socialist party elected in Greece, on platform including a call for shutdown of American bases

Oct 22   Cancun: 22 Third World leaders convene in Mexico

Nov   West Germans protest (?US Cruise missiles)

Nov 23   Reagan allocates $19 million to CIA to establish a paramilitary opposition to the Sandanista government of Nicaragua

Dec   Co-Evolution Quarterly: Bioregional Quiz

Dec 13   Solidarity crushed in Poland - martial law imposed

Dec 26   US Supreme Court upholds right of 3 Indian tribes to use gillnets to fish in Lakes Michigan, Superior, & Huron


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