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A completely idiosyncratic music list...

A friend of mine axed me to draw up a list of albums I've particularly liked over the years. I figure he didn't need anyone to tell him to buy "The Classics" so I concentrated on stuff that's a little bit less obvious, including some real obscurities that I've come to love. It's in order by album title, sorta. Well, not really. It's in whatever damn order I felt like putting it in. Sorta.

Oh, and for advice on the classics, there's nothing wrong with Rolling Stone's Top 500 albums of all time. Pick your era and genre and they seem to have done a nice job pulling together the obvious choices. I think I own 17 of their top 20.

One thing to note about my list: it's 100% albums I own (or at least know really well), and since I was born good-looking instead of rich, I certainly don't own every potentially wonderful album in the world.

There are some also some artists I really enjoy who aren't on this list, either because the choices seem really obvious (Jimi Hendrix, Creedence Clearwater Revival) or because they have a vast discography that I don't really have a handle on (Frank Zappa).


Thanks for: Fact-checking assistance from the fabulous Ed Ward (all errors are his fault!)and general inspiration and research on the song "Last Clean Shirt" from The Mad Peck and Big Al Pavlow. Lots of encouragment was given by the folks on the WELL's bigballs.ind conference (named after the Bob Wills' song, not the one by Spinal Tap), and proofreading by the notoriously picky Ned Wall (all typos are his fault!).

Ok, so in no particular order...

Last Updated April 6, 2016