Aotearoa-New Zealand

                        in the Global Attention  Economy

By Michael H. Goldhaber
©Copyright 2002, Michael H. Goldhaber
                                                  [Keynote address to (e)-vision symposium “Aotearoa-New Zealand:First to Awaken, First to Think?” Wellington, March 8-9, 2002]
[The eye not only represents the world offering attention to New Zealand, but also the author as an observer, albeit briefly, of your country.
I’ve found Aotearoa- New Zealand and/or its citizens to be comfortable, clean, caring, friendly, intelligent, and polite. You are also creative
 in an orderly way, but not notably ambitious orcompetitive.   I noticed no one who seemed eager to be a “Masterof the Universe.” This makes
A-NZ a pleasant place, but it’s a problem,as I hope you’llsee. Andrew Grove, former head of Intel titled his memoir Only the ParanoidSurvive.
New Zealanders would do well to be just a bit more paranoid.]

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