Join a 22RTE-specific mailing list

Want to meet some other 22RTE owners and discuss your 22RTE-specific questions with a group of peers? If so, please consider joining our 22RTE-Truck mailing list.

This list is run through Yahoo Groups. Currently, traffic on the list is running less than 10 emails/day, but this can fluctuate.

The only things we ask are:

1) This list is specific to the 22RTE and turbo 22RE engines. This is NOT an appropriate list to discuss suspension modifications, tires, wheels, etc.; there are plenty of other lists for those topics. This list is just for that forgotten step-child, the 22RTE.

2) I am one of the moderators of the list (Tony Hernandez is the other). Let's try to keep the discussion reasonably clean and mature.

3) You are responsible for unsubscribing if you decide you no longer want to be a part of the list.

4) All 22RTE-related questions are fair game, but you will get better quality answers if you can keep the questions focused. I can't tell you the number of times I've gotten that broadest of questions, "what do I need to make my engine a turbo?" (The answer, by the way, is about $1500 - $4000, depending on your longevity and power requirements.) The more focus you bring to your questions, the better our answers will be.

Still interested? If so, send an email to (subject and message body don't matter), and follow the instructions you receive in reply.

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