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A whole site devoted to the Toyota 22R-TE engine?

Yep. When I bought my truck (1986 4X4 standard cab pickup) in 1996, I was very surprised to find that there just wasn't much information out there about modifying this factory turbocharged engine. Considering the number of outrageously modified Toyota trucks on and off the road, this seemed like a huge oversight on someone's part. This site is my attempt to fill that void. Over the last four years, I've pieced together some pretty good information on tweaking this engine for more power. Hopefully, if your goal is to do the same, you'll be able to find some useful ideas on the following pages.

Getting around this site

I've divided this site up into the following arbitrary sections:

Work in progressAKA, where my money goes...
Now in blog form for easier reading

last modified 7/10/07

The stock engine's specifications

last modified 1/13/99

An explanation of turbocharging components and terms -- Not my material, but fairly concise and useful to those who are new to turbo engine components.

last modified 10/20/00

Adding an intercooler

last modified 4/16/99

Playing with boost

last modified 1/14/99

Electronic Fuel Injection and the 22RTE engine:


last modified 10/20/00

still more to come...

Changing to a more powerful turbocharger

last modified 10/19/99

Changing other aspects of the engine

last modified 5/27/99

'Degreeing in' a cam on the 22R-series engine
Also available on 4x4Wire.com

last modified 11/28/01

LC Engineering turbo header review I wrote
this review for 4x4Wire.com.
last modified 9/29/00

Dyno chart

last modified 4/25/07

Links I've found to be helpful

last modified 8/11/04

My truck

last modified 1/02/02

Gauge mount replacement pillars for 1984-88 and 1989-95 trucks/4Runners

last modified 06/10/08

Visit a 22RTE-specific forum - finally!

last modified 10/29/07

Join a 22RTE-specific mailing list (still operative, but being superseded by the 22RTE forum, mentioned above)

last modified 10/29/07

About me

last modified 10/29/07

Caveats and warnings

I'd like to think this is unnecessary, but just to be sure we're all on the same page:

"Caution: If you decide to put any of these ideas into practice, you do so entirely at your own risk, and assume all responsibility for the consequences of your actions. I make absolutely no guarantee that the information on this site is accurate. Be very aware of the risks inherent in any engine modification, both mechanical and physical: you could seriously hurt yourself and/or others if you are not careful. Additionally, you could easily reduce your motor to something that weighs about the same but has big holes where the pistons used to be, so don't attempt to modify your engine if you are unsure of your mechanical or tuning abilities; go see a movie, it'll be cheaper."

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