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Peter Febbroriello


Name Peter Febbroriello
Address 847 Litchfield Street
CT 06790
Telephone 860-482-6606
Date Of Birth October 1946


Chemistry Inorganic and organic, Biochemistry:
Production of antibiotics by cave fungi (Storrs, CT, UCONN, Dr. Collins, Phd.; independent study);
Biochemistry of Mental Illness (Storrs, CT, UCONN, Dr. Malcolm Gordon, Phd.; independent study);

 Mycology   Physiology   Cell Biology    Anatomy: human,  developmental   Neuromorphology  Genetics

Altered States of Consciousness    Abnormal    General.


Computer Science  Fortran, Basic, Z-80 machine language and assembler  "C"


Regular programming in Fortran 77,Z80, PDP11 MACRO-11,"C",and Basic. Programs include interfaces between video equipment (Recognition Technology Inc., Imaging Technology Inc., Colorado Video Inc., Digital Equipment Corp.: 11/23,11/73 VENIX,RT-11, and IBM AT). Designed and constructed computer interfaces for Panasonic VCR, several customized precision electronic instruments and original robotic apparatus. Designed Special high voltage programmable power supply interfacing for use with IBM-AT. Designed and constructed stepper motor interfacing for IBM-AT. Original software and hardware designed for use with Motorola 68705p-3 Microprocessor, allowing off-line monitoring of processes and remote control of mechanical units with minimal mainframe or PC supervision. Modular AT compatible computers assembled and modified. Used IEEE and RS232 protocols in equipment designed for use in telecommunications. Designed packet radio terminal node controller for synchronous data communications using CCITT, X.25, and AX.25 protocols.
 Windows 2000 Prof.
 Windows 2003 server installations with Ethernet
Windows 2007 Prof.
Freescale MPU


 Lab work
Keratene Inc. Winsted Ct.  Laboratory
technician. Analysis of soybean hydrolysis products used in
commercial formulation of foodstuffs.

Univ. of CT Health Center Medical School, Farmington, CT  Research Assistant (four years) University Technician (four
years): Used Spectrophotometers, Ph meters, Ultracentrifuge.
Studied biomolecular interactions. Did phospholipid assays using
isotope tracers. Chromatography: TLC and HPLC, autoradiography, organic synthesis,
fluorescence photobleaching. Did electrophoresis and dialysis.
 Use lasers, Q-switching, computers
and video processors, centrifuges, scintillation counters etc.
Did tissue culture work, microscopy, contaminant identification and tracing.

Video Used Sit-Cam and Starlite scope for image intensification.
Used photomultiplier tubes for photon counting. Used lasers
coupled to microscope to provide space modulated light
probe. Analysis of digitized video imagery. Data reduction
techniques using "C" compiler coded programs, packaged and
original algorithms, including background subtraction, false
color enhancement, motion detection, area measurement,
intensity histogram, graphic overlay.

Hospital work
University of Connecticut infirmary at Storrs, Ct.:
Nurses Aide. Patient care, telephone work. Maintained emergency room
(one year)

John Dempsey Hospital, Farmington CT
 Patient care, ICU, ER, EMT, aide work, patient transport. (two years)

Professional Ambulance Service, Wethersfield CT
EMT-A, patient care and transport. Emergency medical
techniques, ambulance driving (two years)

Special Training
USAF Physiological training
High altitude simulation chamber; use of pressurized oxygen equipment, emergency high altitude bail-out and depressurization procedures

Heart Association

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation - Instructor

American Red Cross
Advanced First Aid - Instructor.
Emergency Medical Technician, - Ambulance,
Certified and licensed for the state of Connecticut, with 2
years experience.
Current work
Sigma Energy and Engineering (CA)
  • Analysis of toxic wastes.
  • Bioremediation using microbial metabolism
  • Gold assays

Sensory Arts (PA)
  • Patent development - vision test for Macular-  degeneration and retinal defects
  •  Prototypes,   electronics and firmware. Assay and screening of microbes for anti - Borrelia activity
  •  Design and prototype Alpha-Beta-Gamma detector and counter with USB interface

Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory (NY)
prototype electronics and

Albany International (NY)

Prototype new devices

GE Corporate R&D (NY)
Prototype Devices for plastics molding

UCONN Health Center (CT)

Bacterial DNA Distribution analysis- C  Programming, graphical data reduction, hardware maint., research support,
FRAP,TIR,Laser Microscope applications

Four Winds Productions
film production consult (NM)-
(WGBH-NOVA) regarding cave microbiology, new cave discoveries

Mycological consulting: collection, culturing, identification
Prototyping for patented Homeland Security applications

Adrian Storey
Safecast video animation

Operated photographic studio, made
portraits, passports, commercial, industrial, technical
pictures. Provided pictures for advertising agencies,
lawyers, doctors, newspapers, magazines, and private
clients. Used and maintained photographic equipment
manufactured by Bogen, Hasselblad, Nikon, Leitz, Gossen,
McBeth, Rolor, LogEtronics, Pako, Omega, SEI, Minolta,
Eastman Kodak, and others.
 Did darkroom work and processed
 all types of light sensitive emulsions used in the industry
including negative and reversal color.


  •      Torrington Company, Torin Inc.
  • Norwesco Pools
  •  Nancy Palmer Agency
  •  McGraw Hill
  •  Torrington Register
  •  Northwest  Publishers
  • Winsted Evening Citizen
  • Berkshire Eagle
  •      Bennington Banner
  •  Thomaston Express
  • Colonial Spring Co.
  •                     Ovation Instruments
  • First Federal Savings And Loan
  • Lakeridge Development Corp
Special Skills

     Sensitometry, densitometry, restoration, retouching,
     copying, aerial photography from light aircraft and
     helicopters, accident investigation photos, photojournalism,

Cave Exploration

  • Experienced in teaching underground rescue techniques.
  • Surveying and general exploration.
  • Vertical access (Jumar ascent).
  • Life Member of the National Speleological Society (NSS20246)
  • Northeast Regional Organization
  • Guadalupe Cave Survey
  • Former Chmn. Sullivan County Cave Conservation Task Force--NSS;
  • Former Conservation Chmn. Central Connecticut Grotto--NSS.
  • Explored caves in California(two expeditions to Mountain Pass) , New Mexico (Carlsbad Caverns, Ogle Cave, Ft. Stanton), Colorado, Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, Bermuda, Costa Rica (NSS Expedition, mycologist), South Korea.
  • Worked with military demolitions experts in New Mexico and Korea,  used explosives in New York, Vermont and California caves. Examined mines and caves used as mines in New Mexico and California.
  • Conducting research into calcite solubility, speleogenesis,  and cave microbiology.
  • Currently isolating and identifying fungi and bacteria  from caves worldwide, screening and assaying for antibiotic activities

Special skills
  • Assays for precious metals
  • Radiation analysis of soil samples
  • Analysis of unknown drugs or plant toxins
  • Skilled in backpacking and wilderness survival, cross country skiing
  • rappelling, rock climbing, wilderness navigation
  • Flying experience with single engine aircraft
  • Good night vision, have used starlight scopes in laboratory
  • Brunton Compass  underground surveying, cartography
  • Gold assay
  • Drug discovery

Co-authored while at University of Connecticut
1.Sheetz, M.P., Febbroriello, P. and Koppel, D.E. 1982.
Triphosphoinositide increases glycoprotein lateral mobility
in erythrocyte membranes. Nature (Lond.) 296:91-93.

2. Sheetz, M.P., Febbroriello, P. and Koppel, D.E. 1982.
Triphosphoinositol mobilizes glycoproteins in erythrocyte
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B. Technical assistance is acknowledged explicitly in:

3. Koppel, D.E. 1985. Normal-mode analysis of lateral diffusion
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Lateral mobility of cytochrome c on intact mitochondrial
membranes as determined by fluorescence
redistribution after photobleaching   Proc. NatL Acad. Sci. USA
Vol. 79, pp. 6866-6870, November 1982 Biochemistry
(Technical assistance acnowledged)

Other papers
6.  Febbroriello, P. 1982. Cave Fungi. Speleo Digest 1982:268.

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14. Febbroriello, P. 1993. Mycology Studies in the Rio Corredor
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15. Camassa M.M., Febbroriello P.  Le Foval della Grotta Zinzulusa
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16. Philip van Beynen, Peter Febbroriello  2006.  Seasonal isotopic variability of precipitation and cave drip water at Indian Oven Cave, New York. Hydrological Processes,  Volume 20, Issue 8,  Pages 1793-1803