The Pacific Cup
The Fun Race to Hawaii

San Francisco to Kaneohe

The Official Pacific Cup Website is now at

This is the original Pacific Cup website, up since 1995. There's not much left here of current interest to Pacific Cup racers, except a few historical tidbits and some tide and weather links that might not be on the main site.

Misc. Useful Files

Emergency rudder design guidelines,.html .doc

Proposals for changes to the inspection protocol for '04

Maps of SF Bay and Oahu, to the same scale

Tide tables for Kaneohe Bay, July 10-22, 2006. It might affect your decision to take the Sampan Channel.

A user-friendly weatherfax schedule (.html) (.doc) Updated June 2004, with times in AM/PM Pacific Daylight Time.

finish line waypoints Plotted latitude and longitude of the ends of the finish line, and the approximate actual position of the buoy in 1998 and 2000 (it was about 0.15 miles off station in '98, 0.58 miles off station in '00).

Celestial Cribsheet How to find Oahu with only a sextant and one sheet of paper

Fishmeal's Favorite Pacific Cup Weather Links

Medium-range weather forecasts from two different numerical models, including animations. Compare and contrast...

10-day surface pressure based on the global MRF model.

7.5-day wind forecast based on the global MRF model

Weatherfax charts on the web

Honolulu Weatherfax charts

Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly probably the best predictor of squall activity

Latest satellite image

Coastal buoy reports from the National Data Buoy Center.

Dial-a-buoy for the latest offshore buoy readings by telephone. The number is 228-688-1948 and buoy 46059 is the one 300 miles off the coast. (Is this legal after the start of the race?)

More files and links

Hawaiian Marine News and weather

Berkeley Yacht Club's Home Page

Kaneohe Yacht Club's Home Page

Transpac Weather Strategy by Stan Honey

Article about squalls from Latitude 38

Checklist for personal ocean racing gear.

Songs of the Pacific Cup

Hawaii Calls, old radio broadcasts from the beach at Waikiki.

West Marine, the sponsor of the Pacific Cup

The Web Page for the "other" Transpac

The SSS Singlehanded Transpac Updated daily with mid-ocean reports. They're having a slow one!

Still another Transpac: The Web Page for the Victoria-Maui race

Tahiti Cup Boat Inspections

The roll call and standings program from '98

The RollCall102.exe file Version 1.02. Download both files. Comments and bug reports encouraged. This program does not need a previous day's position to predict ETA.
The RTFM102.txt file with user instructions and sample input files to clip out.

If you don't have Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 installed on your system, you will also need the file Msvbvm50.dll in your windows/system folder (or WinNT/system32 folder for NT). This file is 1.3 megabytes and takes about 5 minutes to download with a 33.3 Kbps connection.

Or get it directly from Microsoft at Copy to your local system and execute thte file to install the .dll automatically.

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