Fishmeal's Kool Site of the [random time interval]:

Michlet Detailed resistance, wave patterns, and lines optimization of slender displacement vessels from Leo Lazauskas at the University of Adelaide, Australia.

Fishmeal's Kool Sites of previous [random time intervals]:

The 'Lectronic Latitude
Joseph Norwood's hull resistance calculator (for long slender displacement hulls)
Numerical weather forecast maps from Livermore National Labs
Art Engel's guide to the 1997 Racing Rules of Sailing
The 1997 ISAF (formerly IYRU) Racing Rules, in .html format
Another hit from USGS: Real-time interactive numerical model of San Francisco Bay tidal currents (when it works - verify before using)
The Singlehanded Sailing Society
Kite Aerial Photography - the local experts tell all
Wind field for the San Francisco Bay Area in "near real-time"
The Trampofoil. Must be seen to be believed
The Alta Vista Seach Page

Other Sites of Interest

University of Hawaii weather server Surface analysis and upper air charts and forecasts for the North Pacific. Go to "Hawaiian Weather" to find them.
North-East Pacific surface analysis with satellite imagery and surface wind overlay, one of the favorites from the U. of H. weather server
The Sybase Baycam A view of East Bay weather conditions, from the Oakland hills
America's Cup 95 The "official" America's Cup (tm) site
Hydromechanics Directorate (DOD) Links to lots of ship and hydrodynamics research sites
Photos of the September '97 CyberCruise to Bel Marin Keys
Bay Area Racing Crew List Maintained by Jaime Muniz
Stephan Jones' home page A very comprehensive list of online sailing-related resources
Mark Rosenstein's sailing page Another comprehensive list of online sailing-related resources
The Eighth Sea Reviews of selected sailing-related web sites
U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Services DGPS status, weather buoy reports, Local Notices to Mariners
The IYRU home page IYRU news, links to yacht clubs, racing rules
"Don't Quit Your Day Job" records. See what my crazy sister is up to

Rocky J. Kamen-Rubio's home page Books and tapes by Betty Kamen Buy a book from my mom (I did the diagrams)
The WELL My neighborhood of cyberspace, where I host the sailing conference and brainstorm conference. The WELL is the birthplace of the CyberCruise, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and much more.