Background photos for the June 13 2001 meeting

Skates parking policy

This sign announces valet parking. Fair enough.

But this sign suggests that the whole parking lot is reserved for Skates!

And this sign could easily give the impression that the road to the O-dock parking lot and the Berkeley Yacht Club is not open to the public.

Skates has blocked off an entire section of the parking lot opposite their site. On several consecutive Friday evenings, O-dock berthers have had to go all the way to L-dock to find parking.

These photos were taken on Friday June 8 at about 5:30 PM. Cliff reports that he spoke with the manager of Skates on Thursday about the sign and the cones, but apparently the message didn't get through.

After a cordial conversation with Skates' General Manager, he agreed to remove the cones and cover up the "Lot Reserved" sign, but he did not believe it was necessary to remove the "Attendant on Duty PULL IN" sign.

This is the condition of the parking lot just a few feet from the cones. You'd think that if they claim part of the lot for their own, they could at least pick up the trash...

The signs were gone for a few weeks, but on Friday June 29 the "Attendant on Duty PULL IN" sign re-appeared. The "Lot Reserved" on the other side is covered over wtih paper. The Skates General Manager on the premisis that evening was not amenable to removing the sign.