Policy and planning issues

"What is access? An unfinished white paper for the Water Trail

CalTrans Mitigation in the North Sailing Basin

The San Francisco Bay "Ferry Schmooze," October 21 2003

The Joint Powers Agreement

Aquatic Park: Sierra Club and the BHS Women's Crew Team

The A-E, H & I dock replacement and reconfiguration project

Reconfiguration of dry storage and parking in the South Sailing Basin

The Eastshore State Park

The future of Golden Gate Fields racetrack

New proposals for a Berkeley Ferry

Dragon boats and outriggers in the Berkeley Marina

The Measure Q lands: How much development, and under what terms?

The Marina Master Plan

Proposed reconfiguration of Docks A-E

Comprehensive revision of the Marina Ordinance
Marina berth rates: proposals and discussion
Berth transfer policy

The Marina's financial status
Letter from the Sierra Club opposing hotel development, and my response
City Council resolution in support of the Sierra Club's position on economic development, and my response

The Cesar Chavez Memorial Solar Calendar proposal
Proposed Rules and Guidelines for Kite Buggies in Cesar Chavez Park
Proposed expansion of Hs. Lordships Restaurant

The Brown Act: Commissions, web pages and email

Articles for the newsletter of CANB, the Community Association of North Berkeley
April 1999
November 1999
Spring 2000

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