The boundary of the 17-acre off-leash area of Cesar Chavez Park, on the north side of the Berkeley Marina. The line is now much more clearly delineated with a ring of straw bales.

Even with this improvement, Berkeley's off-leash waterfront park appears to be much less popular than the official off-leash park at Point Isabel and the de facto off-leash parks at the Albany Beach and Bulb.

The reason most frequently given is the lack of contiguous parking. Unlike Point Isabel or the Albany waterfront, dog owners at Cesar Chavez have to leash up just to get to the off-leash area from their cars.

Also cited is the lack of water access. While Cesar Chavez has great views of the water on three sides, much enjoyed by humans, dogs don't seem to have much appreciation for the Bay unless they can splash in it. Berkeley makes no provision for this anywhere, and, according to the Preliminary Genaral Plan, neither does the Eastshore State Park.

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