You can drive around Awaji-shima in a couple of hours and still be surprised by it years later.

Kanji for 'rice'. 05nov27.

Awaji Island, Japan


Tanaka-ya woman with her esteemed effigy. 05dec30.

I buy my vegetables and flowers from Tanaka-ya, a neighborhood store. I select my vegetables and fruit from individual baskets bearing the name and sometimes photo of the farmer who grew it. This woman works at the store, and this is her effigy of the farm women. Check out the ears and fluffy stole. December 30, 2005. Sumoto.

Attack of the fantasy animals. 06jan1.

Attack of the plastic animals...agghh! It was horrible...I can't begin to describe it--the plastic carnage, the loss of plastic life. January 1, 2006. Izanagi Jingu.

View from Sumoto castle of Sumoto. 06jan6.

Walid, this is for you. A view of the town of Sumoto from the highest surveillance point. Sumoto castle overlooks the harbor and town. The town has always been a fishing port. Early maps from 700 A.D. show the same basic arrangement. There is not a lot more outside the frame of this picture, yet it is the largest urban area on Awaji. I live in an apartment a bit off to the left.

In Kyoto with my friend. 05oct9.

So far I have escaped from Awaji once, in mid-October, to visit Kyoto when my friend from UC Boulder was visiting her home. We are in Kano-jinja, her family's property, and on our way to Kiyomizuderazaki.

Japanese News of the Weird

Bicycles, other items thrown from overpass SHIZUOKA--Two bicycles, a unicycle, concrete blocks, a fire extinguisher, flower pots and other items where thrown from an overpass one after another onto National Highway Route 1, about 1 a.m. Monday. The overpass has a 2-meter-high fence. At the scene where the perpetrator is believed to have flung the articles, an umbrella, football and a flag for traffic safety campaign were found.--Daily Yomiuri, sometime in Ocober, 2005.