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The secret to achieving professional results is using professional tools.

Frontier is a powerful system-level scripting tool for the Macintosh. One area where it really shines is website management. In fact, it's by far the best site management tool I've ever seen, and it's the only one that I've ever felt was worth using (and I've seen a lot of them).

Site Scripted with Frontier


BBEdit is, in my opinion, the best HTML authoring tool available (and I've tried a lot of them on both Windows and Macintosh). I find the lack of a WYSIWIG interface to be a blessing rather than a curse, in that it provides me with source-level control of the HTML layout, and enables me to include only those tags and attributes that are necessary for proper display of the page. The results achieved are professional quality pages and readable source files.

Built with BBEdit

Apple Macintosh

In an era of naysayers and doubts about the future, the Macintosh remains the choice of professional designers and the premier platform for multimedia content creation. To quote Power Computing, you can take my Mac when you pry my cold, dead fingers off the mouse.

Made with Macintosh

Adobe Photoshop
The commisurate application for everything from photo retouching to creating text with a drop shadow. Like a large number of web designers, I rely on Adobe Photoshop as my preferred tool for image creation and editing.


Yves Piguet has created the ultimate tool for creating and editing animated GIFs. The interface is so simple and intuitive that you could teach your pets to animate GIFs this way, yet it has all the features required to make the most out of the GIF89a image format.

The font used in the headers is called Puckfont. It's a free font available from Chank. The font was designed by Khai/Tokgun Love and Chank Diesel. If you don't know who Chank is, I strongly suggest that you find out.

Once again, thanks for visiting my webpage. I hope you enjoy your stay.

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