System Administration

Filling the role of SysAdmin was my primary focus pre-COVID19. I am shifting direction in 2021, moving away from IT to InfoSec and Physical PenTesting.

Backline Support

A brief list of recording artists I have had the pleasure to work with on the road and in the studio.

Electric Blueprints

Contributing writer and Graphic artist for Guitar Shop Magazine. Authored a featured article titled Road Wreck - A Practical Guide To The Pitfalls of Entry-Level Touring - August 1995 in addition to providing digital schematics and artist content for the Electric Blueprints column.

SMS Gateway List

A list I've been maintaining since roughly 2001. By no means is it comprehensive or 100% current. There are other published lists, albeit few. I do make updates from time to time.

Ad Blocking Host List

One small step you can take toward protecting yourself from the harmful nefarious realities of the internet.

Got Fleas?

A collection of useful tips found while researching natural alternatives to the popular Spot-on products found in pet stores, supermarkets, and those prescribed by many veterinarians.