How the Well Works

The Well is organized into special interest areas called conferences, such as Books, Classical Music, News, and Current Events. Each conference contains many topics, with titles like "Opera: It's Not Just For Breakfast Any More," or "Sopranos," or "Those Bohemian Composers!" The Well's users add their own comments, called postings or responses, to topics that interest them. A typical posting looks like this:

Topic 26 [classical]: Opera: It's not just for breakfast anymore.
#466 of 469: Iron tongue of midnight (sunbear) Wed March 13 '96 (22:33)
1 line

Would you elaborate, Scott?

Each section of the response provides specific information:

Topic 26 [classical]: gives the topic number and conference where the posting appeared.
Opera: It's not just for breakfast anymore. gives the topic name.
#466 of 469 shows the response number and total number of responses.
Iron tongue of midnight (sunbear) gives the pseudonym and userid of the person who wrote the response.
Wed March 13 '96 (22:33) gives the date and time of the response.
1 line Response length

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