What Extract Does - An Alternative to Sequential Reading

When you log on to the Well, you use the see command to read responses added since your last session. The Well keeps track of what you have already read, so that you do not have to remember how much you've read. You see all new responses in chronological order, starting with those in the lowest-numbered topic and finishing with the highest-numbered.

The extract command provides an alternative to sequential reading. Use the extract command to read:

These are only some of the possibilities, as you will see. The extract command is very flexible, and gives you many options for specifying exactly what you would like to read. For example, if you typed the following command from an OK prompt, it would display, on screen, the entire text of any responses made in the Classical Music conference between January 1, 1995 and December 31, 1995 containing the word "Mozart," whether the responses are in hidden responses or not, unless they were made by user sunbear. This command works whether you are in the Classical Music conference or not.

extract -h -w -b 01/01/96 -s 12/31/94 -d sunbear -f Mozart classical

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