Extract Syntax

Extract consists of:

  1. The extract command itself
  2. Any switches required
  3. Any arguments taken by the switches

Extract requires that you:

In the example already given, -h, -w, -b, -s, -d, and -f are all switches, or options that control what the extract command does. The swtiches -b, -s, -d and -f are all followed by arguments, which limit what each switch does. The conference name in this example - classical - is an argument of the extract command itself.

extract -h -w -b 01/01/96 -s 12/31/94 -d sunbear -f Mozart classical

This table shows the function of each switch and argument in the command above:

Switch Effect Argument
-h include text in hidden responses none
-w extract entire posting containing text specified by -f switch none
-b extract responses before date specified date (01/01/96)
-s extract responses since date specified date (12/31/94)
-d exclude responses by user(s) specified userid(s) (sunbear)
-f extract responses containing text specified by argument text (Mozart)

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