Berlin Tour, December 2000

munich_xmas_market_tse Notes on the trip
Notes on the photographs

bahnhof_cranes_tse Happy Holidays from the former East Berlin

albrechtshof_ent_tse.jpg Where we stayed the_wall_adj2b_tse.jpg Everything about the Cold War

bebelplatz_tse.jpg Two things about the Nazis

potsdam_east_tse The Potsdam Bridge; the exchange of spies

pei_passage_ext_tse.jpg A Big Thing about the Victors of the Cold War

bugatti_tse.jpg The West: Thorstein Veblen's Conspicuous Consumption

Reichstag Flag The Reichstag, now and the future

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all content, verbal and photographic rights:
Tom Howard
December 2000