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Debian notes

Wed Mar 18 07:34:51 UTC 2009 permalink

Trying to grok an unknown package management system is daunting at first. Buut when you get your bearings it starts to get easier. Having played with debian packages for a day now I feel that it’s not as easy to work with as the gentoo ebuild system which I am used to, but it’s a lot faster to install the packages of course.

Some useful commands

Downloads a source package and unpacks it:
apt-get source

Where are the binary packages kept when downloaded?

Unpack a .deb file:
ar -x *.deb

Howto build a .deb package from source. Inside the main folder:

Howto build a .deb package from binary. Below the main folder
dpkg -b

Install debian package directly
dpkg -i package.deb

Adventures with ruby 1.9 yaml

Sat Feb 14 11:08:02 UTC 2009 permalink

Initial stuff: all my source files are in utf-8 and generates errors… what to do? add this to .profile did the trick:

export RUBYOPT=“-w -Ku”

Fixing bash completion for vserver

Sun Oct 19 08:07:27 UTC 2008 permalink

By default bash completion doesn’t work for linux vserver in gentoo. On the linux vserver pages there’s a bash completion script available for download but it doesn’t compile. I’ve put together a very simple bash completion script here that does only what I need most – expand on available vservers and the safe options.

On gentoo you need to emerge bash-completion first – but you already knew that didn’t you?

Here’s the source for my script /etc/bash_completion.d/vserver

    local cur prev opts
    opts="enter start stop restart chkconf status exec"
	vservers=$(for x in `ls /vservers -1`; do echo ${x} ; done )

	if [[ ${prev} == "vserver" ]] ; then
        COMPREPLY=( $(compgen -W "${vservers}" -- ${cur}) )
        return 0
		COMPREPLY=( $(compgen -W "${opts}" -- ${cur}) )
        return 0

complete -F _vserver vserver

Eyelids are getting heavier

Sat Aug 09 00:55:33 UTC 2008 permalink

Channeling the talking moose: your eyelids are gettig heavier and heavier. You are getting sleeepy. Just want to fix the last stuff and publish this site now!

Setting up nanoc blogging engine

Sat Aug 09 02:13:18 +0200 2008 permalink

Just setting up a blogging engine in nanoc. Not complex but not easy either. Using erb in the yaml file doesn’t seem to work for me. So I have to specify the date of creation by hand, will need to fix that.

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