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There's a lot of links here I haven't explored. In more recent years my health demands that, if I'm to do all the work folks need of me, I don't spend much time visiting sites. Nowadays, if someone asks for a link, I'm happy to give it, site unseen. So if you find something that offends you, I might not endorse it either. Lemme know if a link doesn't work.

Blessed be.

Table of Contents:

  1. Specially Featured Links
    While some of this handful of links might belong in the categories below, I like to keep them on a different page instead.
  2. Search Engines
  3. News
  4. Publishing, Writing, Books and Libraries
  5. Publishers
  6. Religion & Spirituality
  7. Fun, Leisure, & Silliness
  8. Music
  9. Making a Web Page
  10. More About the Web and Net
  11. Miscellany

Search Engines

WebCrawler Searching
Alta Vista
Search Magellan
very popular
Someone tell me if I'm wrong but it seems as if, if it exists on the Web, it's here.
Avatar Search
A Mystical, Wiccan, and Occult search service
Starting Point
All-in-One Search Page
Best Web Sites
Open Text
WebCrawler Searching
New Riders' Official World Wide Web Yellow Pages
holds old newsgroup messages
search thingy
All-in-One Search Page
Steve.C. Hickman turned me onto this, explaining it is a "limited area search engine (LASE) on the World-Wide Web...designed to cover the ancient and medieval worlds." Steve continues "If you are trying to find something dealing with the ancient civilizations and are finding it more difficult day by day to do so on the major search engines, then this is the site for you....I found it to be very excellent in doing some research on pagan culture in the ancient world."
A great resource for readers,
this search engine searchs for books as well as for their prices at various internet bookstores.

And last but not least of the search engines listed here, from the fabulous cybergrrl site:


Yahoo - News
CNN Webspace Search Engine
The San Francisco Chronicle
Bay Guardian
A San Francisco Bay Area rag
San Francisco Examiner
CNN Home page, interactive
CNN Webspace Search Engine
A custom made newspaper: once you have chosen type and source of news, this service provides it on a daily basis. For instance, do you want only business news? International news? David Letterman's Top Ten? What do you want as your news source? Yahoo? The S.F. Chronicle? CNN?
San Jose Mercury News
NY Times
Welcome to KGO-TV
S.F.CA. Bay Area

Religion & Spirituality, Mostly Earth Based, and Not in Order Yet, Unlike the Above Which Has Pretensions of Order

Francesca De Grandis's Wiccan and Faerie Grimoire
is where I keep a lot of my other pagan and religions links. It is also a potpourri of pagan spells, rituals, articles, announcments, and other magical sundries, with a non-exclusive emphasis on Faerie.
The 3rd Road
is my branch of Faerie Tradition, my Wiccan school and my community.
I enjoyed "meeting" the site's web master
--- who is a pagan author -- via visiting that site. Glad to meet a committed community servant of both the pagan and gay community.
The Sacred Grove
is defined by Puck, one of the Sacred Grove crew, as the "virtual manifestation of The Sacred Grove, an occult shop and magickal resource/networking center in Santa Cruz, California, USA. Website features an occult text library, ...magickal and paranormal investigation center, chatroom,..." I've been to the actual shop and had a wonderful time.
Branwen's Cauldron of Light
offers "Custom witchcraft and magickal supplies with a reader contributed Book of Shadows, Pagan Library, and forum." Branwen wrote me a few notes. I liked her.
Magical Blend Magazine
I like them: they gave my book, Be a Goddess!, a rave review! :-) The review should be on their site.
Ye Olde Consciousness Shoppe
Your guess is as good as mine but they asked for a link, so I gave it. (Understand, I don't get to all the sites that ask me for links. I am simply here to serve all the weirdos like myself. Um,"weirdo" is a compliment in my eyes. Doesn't mean I won't make fun of myself and others who are as weird as me.) I wonder if they sell metaphyscial goods or brains!
The Druidic Craft of the Wise
is yet another of the innumerable sites I get link requests for yet haven't had a chance to visit. But the note I received with the link request was incredibly sweet.
The Faerie Shaman
The webmaster of this site she says she is no expert, but she sure put a lot of work into her site and I honor that; hard work in the service of the Gods is what a priest does, so she must be a shaman. And her site shows her personal take on things; this is important yet so rarely done in the spiritual community.
Sunrise's personal home page but
by now it may be a music site because last I heard Sunrise was almost done recording a CD. This person describes themself as "Sight-impared Hippie Wizard living in the rainforest writing Myth Music."
Annie Finch's site
which she describes as "Poems, reviews of contemporary poetry, poetry links, and more from a goddess-friendly poet whose work is worth knowing."
The Open Hearth Foundation, Inc. (OHF)
is a "Pagan community center initiative based in Alexandria, Virginia. The OHF is a nonprofit organization."
The homepage of Knightshade,
a member of the on-line Wiccan communiity, whose page shares info about, among other things, astral projection and herbs.
New Pagan, Wicca, Magic (The Virtual Library: Religion)
White Buffalo Society
Crescent Moongoddess Magickal Supply Catalog
Great Info on Midwest Pagan Scene
The Witch's Voice
is chock full of Wiccan info. And while you're there, check out the music of Fritz Jung, one of the folks responsible for the site. Fritz is a fun musician. I am a musical snob but I rocked out with his CD. Fritz's album is a rythmic, bright, high energy collection and a sincere celebration of spirituality and joyful living. Fritz's personal good will and warmth shine in his music.
Enchante: The Journal for the Urbane Pagan
is a literary magazine for Witches and Pagans and anyone interested in Earth-based spiritualities. John Yohalem, its witty editor, writes, "If tribal shamans in ancient Siberia had subscribed to magazines, this is the one they'd have gone for. If only for the jokes. But also the serious articles."
The PenUltimate Productions Website
showcases the writing of pagan author, Elizabeth Barrette, whose name appears in many prominent pagan magazines. And, as the site shows, Elizabeth also writes speculative fiction and material relating to Gender Studies and alternative sexuality.
Society of Celtic Shamans
in British Columbia Canada
Ashlynn's Grove Pagan Information Resource
Witchcraft and Wicca supplies, tools, hard-to-find items, divination, gothic and new age, pagan, ritual items, jewelry and much more!
M. Macha NightMare
who is an extraordinary and long term Wiccan leader.
Illumina's Faery Lair
offers "See how the Faery Folk influence on our daily lives is quite alive and very important to us all. Also, visit our Pagan/Wiccan CuSeeMe virtual Community Center."
The Electronic Cauldron
"British News & Communication Network For The Modern Witch, Wiccan, And Pagan Community!"
Wings Of Isis
Wings Of Isis sounds like a great pagan store!
Whole Life Expos
are huge New Age "conferences" for want of a better term
displays Fey and magical artwork
has "an eclectic collection of content - Gothic and 3D art by Australian artists, card images from 170+ Tarot and Divination decks, original dark poetry and fiction, Pagan/Wiccan, Medieval and Free link collections plus much more."
Alternate Realities in Art and Thought - Virtual Cultural Art Center"
EDGE: To Arrive At The EDGE of The World's Knowledge
Whole Life Expo
New Age
with pagans, magazine, networking, more.
Anders Magick Page
Pour down like silver
Alchemy Mindworks Inc.
Pagan book of Days
Connections; A Journal of Community, Philosophy and Magick
Aunt Agatha's Occult Emporium
Kirlian Bio-Energy Cameras
An aid for holistic healers and all who need to show before and after photos of clients energy.
Whispered Prayers
Advanced and Obscure Occulted Science
This site's webmaster says the site "contains my easy-to-understand research on micro-layered UFO antigravity propulsion, elemental transmutation, caduceus devices (wands), and numerous other minor secrets."
Pagan Nexus of Southern Arizona
JadedFreak's Midnight Zone
describes itself as having "a lot of stuff: links, a zine, image gallery, my own artwork, stories, and poems, a movie i created... a bunch of oddities." Sounds cool!
The Inner Sanctum
offers "Information on Paganism, Wicca, The Moon, Pagan Sabbats, The Burning Times, Prejudism, Aromatherapy, Herbs, Astrology, Divination, Hot links, A Pagan Poll, A Pagan Bookstore and MUCH more!"
Earth Spirit Emporium
Earth Spirit Emporium is an "online source for metaphysical, wiccan, magickal and other spiritual supplies such as books, oils, herbs, candles, incense and baths. Also a place for like minded people to meet, post messages and even chat."
Covenant of the Goddess
Celtic Attic
The site says it "offers a line of spiritual wares."

Fun, Leisure, & Silliness

Teatime recipes
(I love British style tea, but can't do one properly. So I compromise and create something somewhere between a British tea and a California casual bizarreness with lots of pretensions thrown in.)
High Tea
culinary dictionary entry
good! Different sort of stuff: recipes, good restaraunts...
TV Guide
Exploratorium Home Page
Movie Times for Bay Area
Video Store
Yahoo - Entertainment
Everything from books to TV schedules to amusement parks


Pagan Rock
This site is happening, I love the spirit in which it was created. Don't let the title fool you: his definition of rock is basicaly a message about spiritual vitality.
SF Blues Festival
Place to find songs lyrics and chords, Olga's
SF Bay Area Music Concerts
FestivalFinder: Music Festivals of North America
International Music Calendar
Ethnic & traditional recordings for sale
Sale of Celtic recordings, books, dolls...
KQED CA. daily schedule
Folk music song index
SF. CA Bay Area band, Alternative Celtic Music
Concerts in the San Francisco Bay Area
Celtic Music: all sorts of links
Music Resources: Other Lists and Indices
Lyrics server
Richard Robinson's Tunebook
actual music as opposed to just lyrics

Making a Web Page

Web Design and Implementation Site:
My friend, Steven Craig Hickman, turned me onto this site, said it had "some great tutorials, javascripts, applets, etc. A real joy to find and study. For those who are new to javascript or DHTML etc. this is a great place to wander..."
WWW FAQ: Producing HTML documents
Web Magnet: Design Services
The picture links (ddllmm)
This helps you figure out if your HTML is correct.
WebTechs HTML Validation Service
Submit It!
Submit your URL to many search engines at once.
Add Me!
Submit your page to 34 popular sites for free, using one form!
The PostMaster URL Announcement Service!

More About the Web and Net

WWW FAQ: What is on the web?
a World Wide Web FAQ
Creating Net Sites


Amnesty International On-line
The Blue Ribbon Campaign for Online Free Speech
Welcome to Scampaign '96 Headquarters
political satire
Future fantasy
Sci-fi & fantasy
Other change of hobbit
Sci-fi & fantasy

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