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While this page emphasizes The 3rd Road Tradition of Faerie Shamanism
I welcome contributions about any compassionate, earth loving spirituality.

The Wiccan & Faerie Grimoire of Francesca De Grandis:
defining on-line spirituality and web culture since 1995.
This site, inspired by the Faerie Folk, is where
personal mysticism and writing of literary value
-- from a multitude of diverse community members --
combine to create soul-healing and spiritual wholeness.

My Wiccan & Faerie On Line Grimoire's
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Rituals and Poems


I know the Laws of Nature are you, Lady.
Keep me mindful that I step upon Your Body,
with your feet,
that my sorrows are Your sorrows,
and that a healthy priest makes all things sound.
I feel Your breath in the wind, and Your hand in mine.
Keep me sincere.
Give me Your work,
which is to be joyous,
and to tend all things, because all things live, of themselves,
and with Your spirit.
Your will through mine, so mote it be.
by Francesca De Grandis, copyright 1987

Goddess and God Invocations
Wiccan Prayer of Gratitude
Wiccan Food Magic
A Wiccan Blessing for a Newborn
Love Spells
If Prophets Foretell I have gotten letters from so many folks with names like moonwolf, snow-wolf, old wolf, new wolf, ravenwolf, happywolf...that I thought this vision I had might appeal.

All the above material -- prayers, rites, spells... -- come from The 3rd Road, a branch of Faerie Tradition. In 1986, I created a body of liturgy combined with a new way of running energy to do spells, rites and trances. This has become a tradition called The 3rd Road

Growing Spell by Jane Lind. Jane, one of my first initiates, says that this ritual "was inspired by a friend wanting to conceive a child. With some simple adaptations, it can work well for any kind of familial abundance." Knowing Jane, that includes any definition you have of family, for example, adapting the ritual for a same sex partnership.
Yule Invocations - 1994 by Obsidiana. An excellent piece!
 Yoga Mudra by Carrie Vadnais. This poem, its author explained to me, came as the result of the 3rd Road training.
 FOR OUR LADY AND THE DEAD by armour garland. I was attending an open mike poetry reading in North Beach, San Francisco, land of the beat poetry movement. It was great fun in that I felt all we poets were acting out a parody of ourselves: the bar the reading was to be in had another event happening, so a PA system was dragged out into Jack Kerouac alley, right by City Lights bookstore, and we all read our poems on the street to each other, passers by, and tourists. Silly! I heard armour read FOR OUR LADY AND THE DEAD there. I love his poems but felt he had outdone himself with this piece. Its rythms evoke earthy truths.
EVE by Annie Finch. Annie was in town the night of the above mentioned open mike and read there as well. One of my hidden (um, until now) agendas is to try to write poems (I consider the prayers and other liturgy I write poems) and prose that couple literary value with in-depth spiritual awareness. I also look for poems like Annie's EVE to publish on this site: pieces that demonstrate the above mentioned coupling.
This untitled poem , by Victoria Wisdom, is both bold and feminine. In it Victoria shares a mystical, sensual view of romantic love.
A Way To End a Ritual by Geoffrey Cohen
A Blessing For Food by Geoffrey Cohen
Teen Prayer by Jonathan Schulte. I am grateful to have been touched by the spirituality in this young man's poem. Look past his mispelling and need to improve his grammar; the rules of grammar are easy to learn, and compare little to this beautiful prayer that touched me with its sincerity, and its devotion.
A Bed Time Prayer, for All Ages by Autumn FalconWolf. Simple, sincere, beautiful, real, effective, and poetry.
HAIKU, BY VICTOR ANDERSON, Grand Master of the Faerie Faith, from his forthcoming book
Poem: Gather in Circles
Poem: Once The Shaman's Cat
Poem: Untelling Creation by Scott Schulz
Poem: Another Day in the Garden by Scott Schulz
Poem: Amen by Scott Schulz
Poem: Hearth Wound Healing by Matthew Beachy
Evening Message by Phoebe Wray: when we truly follow Her path, truly follow Her path...
The Hanged Man And The Ten Of Swords by Mary Ann Murphy, whom I am proud to call a Third Road initiate.
Grasses They Grow by Raylene Abbott
The Crystal Mirror by Ennien Ashbrook
she holds me by 15 year old Anna Kongs
Faerie Queen by Jennifer Lewis, whose poem here gives us a vital, controversial message. You may not agree with everything she says, (I am not sure I do!) but she touches on a truth that I know all too well, and shares an insight that I am overjoyed to see someone other than myself revealing! Judging from this poem, Jennifer understands the dangers of the fey path, and knows that Faerie glamour can rob one of a real life.


 My Three Souls Wicca Wonderland is an imaginary pagan retreat which is "Modestly priced at only $3000 a day." This sarcastic, um, I mean insightful, parody is the result of an insane evening at my house during which my initiates Steven Tiongco, Molly Carter, Scott Schulz and I somehow ended up spending an hour and a half writing this nonsense, um, I mean creative outpouring of social criticism. I hope that like minded mischievious web site visitors will take our chicanery in the spirit in which it is intended. Alison Harlow, one of my heroes, laughed heartily when she learned she is cited in this article as a workshop leader! BTW, a newcomer to the pagan scene may not enjoy this piece as much because of its in-jokes -- for example references to the schisms in the larger Faerie (as opposed to 3rd Road) community. Scott later wrote a song that accompanies the article.
 Pagans and Bush I wrote this Feb or March 2001, in response to Bush's plans for government funding of faith-based community groups. But I will keep it on the site long term because it, and the prayer the article offers, addresses how all of us can be effective in serving others, whether that is as parents, community activists, strippers, lawyers -- whatever you do as a way to serve Goddess. I hope this article will kick off a series called Visions of Pagan Ministry Do you have thoughts regarding ministry? Check out the submission guidelines then send me your article, prayer, poem, or ritual!
A Vision of Service, Comments on Spiritual Respectability, and an Indictment of Pagan Priest(esse)s, Not to Mention a Personal Look at the History of This Site and Its Guiding Principles, by Francesca De Grandis. A long article with a long ridiculous title, personal stories, and probably too much indignation. :-)
LET'S TALK ABOUT * WATER * with Ian Lurking Bear. This awesome article is followed by a water rite.
The Sabbats of Wicca: Because witches honor nature, they have eight festivals, or Sabbats, that mark the year as it turns through its seasons. This article gives basic information about these Sabbats, and includes both standard Wiccan information as well as my personal Sabbat lore and experiences, in other words, what I perceive the Sabbats to be.
Healing Prayer for the Community This multi aspected article includes my personal experiences dealing with media harassment and a prayer for healing planet and community.
Honoring the Earth And Ourselves Through Pagan Burial Grounds by Petherwin
Magic and Healing the Earth by Larry Cornett
Initiate Instructions by Ian Lurking Bear. I found this piece hilarious. It displays the impeccable wit I expect from Ian. And more, because it is even funnier than he usually can be, which is saying a lot! BTW, Ian is one of my initiates: could this piece possibly be a parody of me?
Magikal Improvisation by GoldenHawk. If this article from a reader of Be a Goddess! is not in the spirit of that book, nothing is. I am delighted I had an on-line meeting with this fellow: he emailed me about my site and my book, and thus I got to read this fabulous article. Thank you, Goddess.

Bardic Tales

The Goddess as Muse inspires Her storytellers who offer Her divine love, lessons and power through the magic of a well-woven tale.

 The Bridge At Midnight Trembles: My Story of Quebec City by Starhawk. I told Starhawk I would love to see something of hers on this site. She sent me The Bridge At Midnight Trembles which I told her I loved and that it made my eyes water, my heart swell. (Goddess bless her for her writing and political work.) She responded by noting my words "Eyes water." Omigoddess, I had missed that! How funny! --> Her tale is a true story, a significant part of which is about tear gas! I of course had meant that I was deeply moved. I hope you will be too!
 Winter's Thaw: Her Story by my initiate Francis Salmeri left me stunned. Where do these gifted people come from who study with me?! Um, yeah, I guess the Goddess sends them.
The Clay Pit by Elfself, goes down, down, down, chronicling the self-healing shaman.

Right now, health does not permit me to accept submissions for this site (e.g.,your rituals, poems, articles, and bardic tales). Otherwise, they would be sooooo welcome. However, health does still permit me to continue to teach, counsel, etc. Yay! It is challenging, but I'm doing it, which keeps me happy, fulfilled, and sane. Yay, yay! The site generates a great deal of email, so click here to discover how to best contact me. I welcome feedback about the site!

Thank you for sharing my magic!

Yours in the Realm of Mystery,
Francesca De Grandis

Copyright Francesca De Grandis. All rights reserved. No part of this publication -- this web page and the site's other pages -- may be reproduced in any manner without written permission. Copyright reverts to author.

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