Where to buy books by Francesca De Grandis: pagan books of practical spirituality by a respected teacher and shamanic elder. Learn Wicca / Wiccan Classes / Faerie Tradition

Francesca De Grandis, a respected teacher and shamanic elder, writes books of practical spirituality, which can be found at your local independent book store, as well as at the following national chain stores: Tower, Walden Books, Virgin Megastore, Borders, Barnes & Noble, Little Professor, Hastings, B. Dalton, East West

Every store of a given chain may not carry all of Francesca's books but any store - chain or your local independent book store -- will be glad to order one for you at no extra cost.

Francesca offers: "Because I live in San Francisco, I know a *few* of the California stores likely to carry my work!
* San Francisco: Borders, Green Apple, Barnes & Nobles, A Clean Well-Lighted Place for Books, Field's, Stacy's, Ninth Ave Books, and The Booksmith (on Haight St.)
* Berkeley: Cody's and Shamballah
* Menlo Park: Kepler's
* Palo Alto: Stacy's
* Mountainview: East West
* Guerneville: River Reader
* Corta Madera: Book Passage
* Mill Valley: Depot
* Carmel: Thunderbird
* Capitola: Capitola Bookstore
* Esalen: Esalen
* Sonoma: Reader's
* San Diego: UC San Diego
* Venetia: The Bookshop

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