Be a Goddess! A Guide to Celtic Spells and Wisdom for Self-Healing, Prosperity, and Great Sex. This is a pagan book of practical witchcraft by a respected teacher and shamanic elder. Learn Wicca / Wiccan Classes / Faerie Tradition

Be a Goddess!:
a Guide to Celtic Spells and Wisdom for Self-Healing, Prosperity, and Great Sex.

Harper has been wonderful to me in every way you can imagine. I would like you to see the cover of BE A GODDESS! The version below isn't half as nice as the actual book cover, because it is just a reproduction, but you'll get the idea.

This picture, with or without its text, is protected by copyright, and can only be reproduced with permission from HarperSanFrancisco.

For once, a book cover that is actual art! This is from a letter of thanks I sent to the talented illustrator who painted the cover picture, Jody Hewgill: "Thank you for your remarkable painting...I had expected to suffer the typical author's plight and hate my cover. Instead, I have framed the print-out of it that Harper sent me. The cover is so beautiful...It is pure magic. There's also a lovely coincidence: the ritual robe I wear most often is almost identical to the one on the figure in your illustration , right down to the girdle on her waist. I *have* had the Renaissance train taken off of mine, but once my robe did pool at its wearer's feet like the one on the book cover does....I am *thoroughly* and in so many ways in love with your art work."

What wasn't in my letter is that when I wear my red ritual robe, I often also wear a headdress that is a cascade of flowers falling down the length of my hair. Weird, huh?! I think Jody really tuned into my book psychically. Or peeked in my window. :-)

Wardrobe considerations aside, the book cover also really tunes into the feeling of what my book is about: some publishers try so hard to make the cover of a book about witchcraft unoffensive that it ends up pastel cartoonish milquetoast.The subject and dark rich colors of Jody's illustration show respect for the depth and immensity of the Goddess' power.

A Guide to Celtic Spells and Wisdom for
Self-Healing Prosperity and Great Sex
by Francesca De Grandis
Harper San Francisco 0-06-251505-5 $14.00 pb

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