My Three Souls Wicca Wonderland
Crazy Shaman's Retreat

featuring Alison Harlow, Godzilla and Jesus Christ

A week-long funfalooza
filled chock-full of pagan delights!
Everyone in the United States will be initiated, or taken down to the river and baptized.
Modestly priced at only $3000 a day.


Workshop Topics:

We're looking forward to a wonderful week of Wiccan Workshops, featuring several great new schism workshops catering to the special needs of Faerie Tradition!

How to Psychically Identify and Exploit Other People's Wounds

The Hellow Kitty Qabbalah (Includes Pokemon correspondences. Compatible with Power Rangers.)

Pagan Psychopathology

How to Tell if You've Met the Real Satan

Sarcasm, Schism and Moral Superiority

Widening the Schism Within

How to Bridge the Gap between Faerie and Feri

Beekeeping (taught by Melissa O'Farrell, who hopes in the process of teaching this workshop to learn how to keep bees)

How to Declare Yourself as the Real Head of the OTO

Practical Mysticism: How to Charge a Lot for Your Workshops (there will be a fee for this one. No one admitted without a hand stamp.)

The Wild Disassociation Game (Take a break from your Shamanic journeying to play a game! Everyone has to name one thing that they're not.)

Banal, Discursive Prose for Pagan Publication

The Choosey Beggar's Guide to the Pagan Universe

The Pre-Celtic Development and Use of White-Out (taught by Frank Grady)

Conclusive Evidence for the Complete Lack of White-Out Usage Among Pre-Celtic Peoples (taught by Melinda O'Hair, formerly Melinda Grady)

Power Ranger Pathworking

Hello Kitty as a Pagan Icon

The Pre-Celtic Use of Paper Clips as Ritual Tools

Initiation: The Wound that Never Heals


Special Events:

The Iconoclast's Ball: Come as your favorite saint! Or if that's not your style, come as your favorite god, or come as Madonna.

Aleister Crowley Survivalist Camp


This parody was written by Francesca De Grandis, Steven Tiongco, Molly Carter, and Scott Schulz.

Scott went on to write the following lyrics, to be sung to the tune of Walking in a Winter Wonderland. The title however is Steve's. Some of the song only makes sense if you know Wicca, particularly the 3rd Road tradition, and there is one reference you might understand only if you had been to my home, where I keep a shell filled with mud so that I can dab a bit of sacred earth onto foreheads before a ritual. And with that:

Wicca Wonderland

My three souls
Are you listening?
In the shell
Mud is glistening.
A beautiful Rite
Ecstatic tonight
Casting in a Wicca Wonderland.

Gone His way
Is the One God.
Here to play
Is a Horned God.
He sings a love song
As we go along
Casting in a Wicca Wonderland.

In the Meadow we will breathe in Mana
Then invoke the Moon by Drawing Down.
We will see Her clad in white, Diana.
And we will pull more Mana from the ground.

Later on
We'll conspire
As we dance 'round the fire
To feed and emblaze
The Cone that we raise
Sending in a Wicca Wonderland.

In the Meadow we will have a feast now
And we'll share what we have seen and felt.
We will praise that we do know at least how
To be a witch, a faerie, shaman, celt.

When we send
Ain't it thrilling
As we spend
All we're willing?
We frolic and play
The Faerie Trad way
Closing in a Wicca Wonderland.

Hugging in a Wicca Wonderland
Parting in a Wicca Wonderland.

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