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baggins Tom McIntyre (& Laura, Zephyr, & Veronica, too)
bb Get wet, high, and lost with Brian Battuello
bbear The Change Project: dealing with a turbulent world.
bbraasch Bill Braasch
bernie Bernie Walp is more awestruck than awesome
bg bg's little corner of cyber-space
bill The Right Side Of My Brain
birrell Birrell Walsh -- Bless You!
biscuit Paul Bissex, aka E-Scribe New Media
bkwill Brian Williams' and Francesca Ritson's Pages
blairh SF's Echo Beach Band -- tropical jazz
bparnes Brett's Tapelist 5k
bronxbob Robert L. DeCandido
bryan Bryan Higgins
btanaka Brian Tanaka's BWorld
bubbles Float along Fantasy Way like a soap bubble with Tom Digby.
burton Susan Burton

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