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captward Ed Ward
caseyd Casey Dunn - the Casey Locator pages
ccantor Carol Cantor
ceder Clare Eder, MA - Philosophy (Website creation.)
chap John Chapman's Lame Home Page
chuck Chuck Charlton still at it.
cjrenner Christian Renner: my private haunt on the net. Just about me. Tidbits. Egotrip.
clmyers News from the life and times of clmyers
cooljazz Chris
couey Imagining the Information Age: Stories/Visions
cpm Chip Mefford's public key, and maybe some other stuff too.
craig1st Craig1st's Mysterious Placeholder
cruella cruella's junk, saved for later use
csherbak Chris Sherbak - NeoPagan Druid - B3 f+ t+ w+ g+ s- (It's a bear thing...)
cwf Chris Fraser
cynsa cynsa - lotso tasty beans 4 u

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