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jarid The Human Ski-In 1996
jax Jack Woehr's pages are about music, computer programming and politics.
jbin James E. Binnion
jbrewer John Brewer
jcalder John Calder - Consulting and Design
jcs Jerry Shifman
jct jct announces the arrival on the Internet of the philosophy of U.G. KRISHNAMURTI - ("Mind is a Myth")
jeffreyp Jeffrey McManus
jerod23 All I do now is dick around
jersey Gregory Wilker
jfw John F. Whitehead
jhs John Harris Stevenson tranquileye.com
jimg Jim Gasperini Stereo photographs and much more
jleft Jim Leftwich's oddz 'n endz
jmalloy hypertextual narratives
jmarks Jerry Marks
jnfr All you could want to know about jnfr's life... and more...
jonj Jon Jackson
jonl Jon Lebkowsky, technologist and author.
jrc Jon Carroll

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