Marin County, California
Barton E. Schaefer, Ph.D.
Wandering the Web is like reading the graffiti in a public restroom and finding that the For a Good Time numbers direct you to other restrooms; only faster, less smelly, and with better artwork.

The web has changed a lot since I first uttered that opinion in 1994. Now, you needn't be content with mere graffiti: you can also use the vending machines, read the ads above the urinals, and browse the newspaper that someone left on the floor.

And, occasionally, stop to see something other than a restroom.

o Babel Fish written language translator
So mind-bogglingly useful, it proves that God didn't create the Web.
o Bad Science
How much of what you know, is wrong? I particularly like the Bad Astronomy site.
o Google search engine
You probably know this one already, but check out the specialty searches such as the "penguin-friendly" Linux pages
o The Onion humor news-zine
A few weeks of this and you'll never look at CNN the same way again.
o Merriam-Webster Dictionary and Thesaurus
Flummoxed by specious obfuscatory palaver? A lexicon that elucidates.
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