Religion in The Ancient City

Hardly anyone in The Ancient City believes that there is no spirit realm, no pantheon of gods and demons, no life after death. The Wizards work with these things, quite successfully, every day. But many unanswered questions remain. The spirit realm is vast, perhaps infinite, and only a small part of it is known to mortal men.

The various gods, demons, angels, and devils the Wizards know most intimately are rather limited in their powers. Most of them profess allegiance to other spirits on some higher plane of being, and these in turn bow down to others higher still.

Less is known of the beings farther up the hierarchy. They appear to be less directly involved in the affairs of our world than those lower down, but that appearance may be deceiving.

There are those who claim that one Supreme God at the very top created the entire system, and that this top-level being takes an active interest in the welfare of each and every individual. The evidence for this is, however, mainly anecdotal. Even most believers admit that this Supreme God, if such does exist, prefers to act in subtle and mysterious ways that are not obvious to the world at large.

Others claim that the hierarchy is infinite, with no such thing as a top level. Still others say it tops out only a few levels above what is definitely known, and that anarchy prevails there as warring factions engage in chaotic intrigues with no superior authority above them to keep order.

Still others admit to not knowing. Some of these claim that the full truth will never be known.

Perhaps our ignorance is the will of the Higher Gods. Perhaps it is not.

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