Laney College Labor Studies

Spring 2003 Classes


LABST 013 Economics for Labor/Community Leadership - 3 units
7-10pm Mon Ellen Starbird Room F255 (code L0793)

LABST 048GE Labor History Thru Film - 3 units
7-10pm Tue Karin Hart Room B253 (code L1910)

LABST 012 Collective Bargainng - 3 units
7-10pm Wed Karin Hart Room B266 (code L0596)

LABST 015 Th Labor Leadership - 3 units
7-10pm Thurs Ksiel Sztundel Room B262 (code L1911)

Short Courses:

LABST 201 Steward's Training - 1 unit
9am-4pm Sats Feb22-March 8 Joanne Jung Room G206 (code L1228)

LABST 205 Your Job Rights
9am-4pm Sat March 29-April 12 Tanya Russell Room G206 (code L1950)

LABST 208 East Bay Labor History - 1/2 unit
9am-5pm Sat March 15 Karega Hart Room G206 (code L1227)

12:30-5pm Sat Pat Wynne Room Laney Stage (code L1589)
Meets Alternating Saturdays starting January 25.

LABST 248GU Union Peer Counseling - 1 unit
6-9pm Thursdays Jan 23 - Feb 27. Joe Goglio (code L1914)
This class is in Martinez.

LABST 248GS Surviving Stress - 1 unit
9am-4pm Sat May 3-7 Ksiel Sztundel Room G206 (code L 2042)


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